Wrath of the Righteous

The Winter Sun Tribe
Bundühr Diaries

We followed the tracks of the raiders and arrived to a small barbarian village.
The elf sneaked in and come back with the full description of the site, and their leader Marshevok of the Winter Sun tribe. I suggested to Ragnor to parlai with them some reasonable term of their rendition for clemency. My good friend took his decision and we entered the village. We arrived to the central square, there behind tall rubble walls stood the leader house. The elf kept some distance and sneaked into the yard without warn the guards. When we reached the entrance the guards shouted a warning call, and after a few moments standing there, we were approached by a barbarian who challenged our presence and asked us to leave. Ragnor spoke to him while the elf kept hiding from the guards. My good lord proposed them to surrender and kept shelter in Drezen, raising his voice so all the village could heard him. The barbarian seemed very aware of our intentions to rescue the good people, and when Ragnor proposed to offer the leader a deal to stop raiding the caravans he took us to talk to Marshevok, warning us of his white dragon pet.


The barbarian leaded us inside the house, left us a few moments to introduce us, and finally leaded us to the throne room where Marshevok was waiting us with his pet, the young frost dragon.
Ragnor offered the deal, and Marshevok reading the real intentions behind it or just supposing he could beat us easily, attacked us.


I was full prepared for this moment, when we were waiting for the barbarian to took us inside I asked Threkill to shield Rangor with Sarenrae’s powers, and I gave my friend resistance to the cold breath of the dragon. So when he challenged us and exposed himself like a raging large demon, I prayed Torag to impose him with a filthy fever to show him our power and make him surrender.


Unfortunately he decided to attack us anyway charging Ragnor with his horns, while the paladin prayed Torag to haste himself and the dragon breath a cone of cold on us, as the elf and half-elf joined the attack on the barbarian, the ranger springing in and out with her rapiers, and Threkill casting upon them Sarenrae’s Flame Strike.


We resisted the first wave, then I attacked him with Fiendsplitter and Torag’s spiritual hammer, I thought he would stop facing Torag’s power. But Marvavok blinded by his demonic rage attacked us again. Ragnor showed no mercy for him, swirling on himself to gain power he smashed a deathly Torag Smite to his skull, so hard it leaved nothing more than rotten brain and bone powder, where once stood his ugly face.


Finally we dealt with the dragon threat, and when it died, Ragnor showed the head of the barbarian leader to the crowd.

We took the tribe back to Drezen discovering they were forced to cannibalize to survive in the worldwound. Fondly worried about the disturbing powers of this land I prayed for Torag guidance and rested in the city.

Bundühr diaries

Ragnor at the Council made it really clear to anyone. We are in Drezen to stay. He asked me the two of the most important matters. One young spouse ready to join him to rule the jarldom. And a name to this new land. I asked guidance to Torag and the answer was clear as diamonds: Terendelevia shall be ty name. And a marriage that can grant army to join us in the crusade was the other answer I have to him. Clean the worldwound and defeat Deskari and Baphomet in the name of our Creator was the sacred duty we accepted in the darkest hours, not wealth, nor fame, and we would rather fail than spend time and resources in other tasks.
Raiders attacked the last caravan and Ragnor asked us to join the search. The elf Andariel leaded us to this place, that called Eagle Rock, and as we approached it a buzzing sound overwhelmed us. Finally an Harvester Demon and four large buzzing insects welcomed us. While the demon summoned another one of its kind, to feed its hunger with our flesh, we shooted arrows and prepared for the inevitable fight. I prayed for Torag's blessings and we felt his power inside us. Then I focused on fighting
the two insects that flyed to attack me. I brought them Torag's retribution. The first one I slayed with the attacks of Fiendsplitter, the haunted and demon's thirst axe I retrieved from Drezen. Obviously their attacks were no match for my formidable resistance and the Armour of the Pious Torag gave us to defeat the demonkin. The other one was slain by the attacks of my conjured Torag's Spiritual Hammer. As I finished with them, the party had slayed the other demons. Unfortunately the elf was damaged by a sting attack and most of her energy was drained. During the fight the Sarenrae's half-elf cleric healed her but we need to rest to cure her definitively from the demon’s poison.

What is in a name?
Kingdom Log


The name rolled of the tongue, and it honored the real Hero of Kenabres. Without the Silver Dragon’s sacrifice and posthumous aid, none of them would have been alive to lead the liberation of Drezen.

Ragnor stared from the battlements towards the furious repairs that were been carried out. he hated demobilizing the Lost Legion, but he needed the manpower to rebuild the defenses of New Drezen.

He was concerned about the bandit attack on the Queen’s supply caravan. Supplies were tight enough, they couldn’t afford to loose any. He would ride out the enxt day, and deal with these bastards.

Ruling from the saddle was even more difficult than he thought, he would need a consort that could hold the throne while he was out dealing with threats.

Civilization, Drezen Special Edition
Andariel's Log

Drezen is liberated but it is only the beginning. We have to reconstruct this old bastion of the crusades. In addition we need to take and consolidate our grip on the region, Drezen is only the first step.

Queen Galfrey had appointed Ragnor as the ruler of Drezen. So Ragnor with his new title of Jarl proceeded to lead us on. He entered our war council and with inspiring words uplifted us for the task at hand. He decided that the key roles of the new Jarldom should be people in which he could trust, so within our ranks he named them:
Ruler:Ragnor Ironbrew
Councilor: Bunduhr Ironaxe
General: Irabeth Tirablade
Grand Diplomat: Arkazar
High Priest: Threkil
Magister: Tirdal
Marshal: Aron Kir
Royal Enforcer: Andariel Nailo
Spymaster: Anevia Tirablade
Treasurer: Horgus Gwerm
Warden: Jestak

With the official roles assigned, our work began. One week has passed.

We proceeded to expand our region of influence. My scouts began the exploration, they mapped the land, found suitable farming zones, discovered points of interest, and demon dwellings or scour routes. When the time came to clear the demon influence we led a small elite team to strike them down. For instance this time Ragnor, Threkil, Arkazar and me went to investigate a ravine with suspected demon activity. We encountered two flying demons that somehow transformed our own shadow into our enemies. Still they were no match for us.

In the city the rebuilding efforts went slowly. We have to spend a big part of our time and resources in keeping our army in top shape. It is and will continue to be a problem as it dampens our ability to effectively rebuild Drezen. Many of us had put money from our pocket to help rebuild. Some had donated directly to the treasury, others have invested directly in the establishment of businesses.

Our first steps have been to boost the economy and the production of food. Back in Keepers Canyon’s region we have built the first farms and fisheries for the Jarldom. In Drezen we have began constructing local businesses, with some priority to inns and taverns to provide housing and the first places to spend money. I for instance have invested in the first inn of the city (prime location!).

Queen Galfrey had sent another delegation with new goods to help us. Without this relief, we would be unable to maintain the army and rebuild.

Tough choices are ahead of us if we want Drezen to thrive. I heard for instance that Ragnor is willing to have his marriage arranged in order to provide us with new allies and resources in exchange for his hand, which now entails the rulership of Drezen. Is it time to disband the Lost Legion army? Should we hope that Queen Galfrey’s resources maintain us while we keep a strong military force in top shape? Or perhaps there are some riches in the surrounding regions that will help us boost Drezen into a thriving city as it once was?

I attach the current map we possess of the region.

(Link to Spreadsheet of Drezen Jarldom)


A Lord's Concern
Kingdom Log

The newly minted Jarl Ironbrew stared at the map that Andariel had drawn for him. Of course the elf was also a great cartographer. Ragnor was constantly in awe of all of his companions varied skills.

He frowned as he looked at the map. The Marshlands had a dreary sound to it. The Jarldom would need a better name soon, he would ask his council for advice on this as well.

There was so much to do, to organize this land into a hammer ready to crush the demon horde. They needed to secure their hold on this land, but they also needed farms to survive, and wealth to help pay for the armies.

Queen Galfrey had promised aid, and Ragnor trusted his new Liege would come through. But it wasn’t enough, not with his plan to carve out a new land out of the Worldwound. It was time to reach out to his mother, and move forward with her plans of marriage. he was no longer a young lordling from an impoverished house, with titles only in paper. He was the newest noble of Mendev. Of course, he was still impoverished, he smiled wryly.

It was time to meet the council. As he walked into the main hall, he looked at his friends, the courageous men and women that would really run this knigdom. He had no doubts that he would need their aid at every turn. Ruling was always hard, but ruling in the middle of the Worldwound would make for a grand tale.

Of course, his main councilor would be none other than his closest and wisest companion, Bunduhr Ironaxe. He nodded to his old friend, who probably aleady knew what Ragnor had called this meeting for. He would be the Shield to his hammer.

His army would need a proven warleader, and he could think of no one better than General Irabeth Tirablade. The army trusted her, and he trusted her to keep the men safe and ready to fight.

The Tiefling kept his mysterious airs, but the truth is that Arkazar had manged to avoid Bunduhr cutting his head off, a feat that spoke volumes about his ability to persuade. He would make a good enough Grand Diplomat, and perhaps his ties to Cheliax might serve to bring some of the Southern kingdom’s armies to aid the Jarldom. Hellknight’s could be a nuisance, but they hated demon’s almost as much as Ragnor did.

Threkil as high priest, with Soziel as his right hand meant that the faithful would be well tended. The priest of the Sun Godess was more than capable of keeping the faith’s militant in check.

Tirdal would make a good Magister, specially with Aravashniel to aid him. Hopefully New Drezen would soon have enough artificers and mages who could help in the war.

The safety and enforcement of laws would be handled by Jestak and Aron, and Andariel’s blades would make sure the law was kept as well. Warden, Marshal and Enforcer, it would take all three of them to keep the Jarldom safe from cultists and spies. Anevia’s role as spymaster would be paramount as well.

He finally looked at his Tresurer. The wealth of the Jarldom was Horgus Gwerm’s responsibility. The man had changed from the scared survivor, into a determined man ready to aid in building a future for the Jarldom.

He cleared his throne as he took his seat at the head of the table. “We have much to do. You each know what is needed. But I have a task for Arkazar, Bunduhr and Threkil. We need a heir, and for that I need a wife. Reach out to my mother, and see what alliances are out there. Get me a wife, this land needs a future.”

To the victor go the spoils??

The Sword of Valor was ours. To restore its true power though we had to display the banner high up, for everyone to see. On our way back to our encampment, we visited the final rooms in the upper citadel we had neglected to investigate somehow. We found Chorussinas study, empty of any valuables. Finally we went up the north tower, here in the top is where the Sword of Valor was displayed long time ago. But this tower held more secrets, apparently it had been the Beast of Drezen’s lair…. so it was full of treasure. Lots of gold and a couple of magic items.

It was time now to show our victory to our companions and army. All the hard work and sacrifices had been not in vain. We arrived at our camp, with me in front displayed the Sword of Valor. Cheers and shouts greeted us, it was time for some revels. The Sword was displayed at the center of the camp.

We had some final things to take care, mainly manage provisions which were quickly dwindling and to inform Queen Galfrey of our success and request some provisions and backup. A short message was designed to send by magic via Soziel. Next day we had our response, provisions were to arrive in a couple of days and some administrative steps had to be taken. She appointed Ragnor as ruler of the city, and Soziel, Aron, Irabeth and Anevia were given some preliminary jobs/titles as heads, such as spymaster or general of Drezen. Others like Arkazar, Threkil or me were not given specific jobs, seriously?!

By law Queen Galfrey took Drezen as part of her kingdom, but we were given to understand that in reality we were on our own (apart from supplies to start) and we had to manage Drezen (maybe as we see fit). The task entrusted to us was to repair and hold Drezen, while scout and protect the surrounding regions.

We began the reconstructing efforts. Bunduhr with the help of Jorah transformed the Forge of Evil, into a power of good. The evil aura in the citadel began to dissipate and the forge now could be used to redeem evil magic items into powers of good. Anevia and I began to scout the surrounding regions. Threkil helped in the reconstruction efforts, like fortifying the bridges. Ragnor micro managed the first problems we encountered, like the lack of fresh water. For example, he released the river!


The clerics were busy using their spells to create food, while we scouts tried to forage as much food as we could. After a couple of days, when our supplies had finally been exhausted, the reinforcements arrived with much needed help. We now longer had to worry about starving.

Demons begone! Part 2
The Sword of Valor recovered

After a quick rest after the salamander battle, we went through the big double doors in the back. We went prepared for battle, I channeled Terendelevs magic onto my second rapier, Bunduhr enhanced his armor, and Ragnor prayed for hastiness. Inside we found Chorussina with 3 Brimoraks demons and 3 Incubus prepared the fel and evil ritual.


I had for some time access to a new spell that I had been waiting to cast in a good opportunity. This was it. With Iomedae’s assistance I conjured 8 fey wolfs.


I then proceeded to the front lines to battle side by side with my wolf pack against the demons. Arkazar began to blast Chorussina, Tirdal cast web to hinder the enemies movement, Threkil brought divine fire to the mix, while Bunduhr and Ragnor went with me to battle in melee. Chorussina hang back at first protecting herself behond a wall of force. This gave us time to deal with the demons lackeys, which were no match for all our might. When only a couple of demons remained Chorussina left her safe spot to conjure an evil demon Tree from the Abyss, which cast web on most of us trapping us only for a bit. one by one my wolfs were vanquished and disappeared, their job was done. Chorussina tried to affect our will in vain, and soon her minions were defeated, she went down next, and only the tree lasted a bit longer against our power. The ritual was stopped, Drezen was safe.

This big room had two wings, one leading to a depowered demon portal, the other lead further into the dungeon, hopefully where the Sword of Valor was located.

As we went further we entered a temple with what seemed the Sword of Valor on display, 6 niches, 5 with paintings showing Deskari and Baphomet killing the gods of the crusaders: Iomedae, Torag, Sarenrae, Desna and Shelyn. The last niche had a small shrine devoted to Deskari. After all the trouble, the Sword of Valor was on display without guards…. surelly a trap! Bunduhr figured out it was an illusion, and also that magic was present in the paintings. Ragnor thought the best way to disrupt the magic was to hit the paintings… which triggered the magic trap. Phantasmal killers from the paintings went for us. With faith and fortitude we dismissed them, except for Arkazar.

We thoroughly searched for more secret doors and our resident expert in secret doors Threkil found one in the shrine of Deskari. It lead a small passage to a seeming dead end, where Threkil again found where to open the secret door. We arrived a circular room with a 10 feet down pit, a 5 feet tier surrounding it, and a 5 feet second tier 5 feet above surrounding all. In the middle of the pit was a column with a statue to Deskari. Ragnor went to the statue only to find that the 10 feet drop of the pit was an illusion, it was a 40 feet drop. There he found two black pudding, which we all help to bring down after we dismissed the 10 feet floor as an illusion. Some of us shot arrows and spells from above (the sensible thing), and Bunduhr rappelled down to help Ragnor.

After this mishap we rested a bit back near the cell where Desna’s presence still lingered. We sensed an upcoming final battle.

We proceeded back and went to the north doors. We sensed no movements and went through. A deeper darkness filled the room, we were greeted by a Eustoriax who was hiding in the darkness. Bundühr dispelled the darkness so we could move forward, and a large shadow demon was revealed at the other side of the room, Eustoriax at last.


By his side was a shadow beast and our objective, the real Sword of Valor. The room had some interesting features, 6 nahindrian crystals were located in niches in the sides of the room, a final crytsal was behind the altar with the Sword of Valor, and in the sides at the back two large Deskari’s and Baphomet’s statues each with a crystal in their hand.

The battle was at hand. Eustoriax hide again behind a second darkness. The entered into the fray dispelling again the foul darkness. I charged the demons with Ragnor by my side, with ranged support of Arkazar and Tirdal. The shadow beast tried to demoralize us, but with the Sword so close, nothing could stop us now. Tirdal tried to hold the shadow beast, but failed.

In a surprise move Eustoriax somehow managed to possess Threkil. Eustoriax’s body disappeared, his soul went to Threkil’s body and the clerics soul was trapped elsewhere! Bunduhr recognized was had happened, and guessed Threkil’s soul was in one of the 9 nahindrian crystals in the room. He proceeded to smash the nearest crystal, soon Tirdal and Arkazar begun to also try to destroy the crystals. But these were evil crystal, infused with demonic magic which made them very resistant.

Ragnor and I still had a shadow beast in front of us. It was our task to take care of it before trying to release Threkil. With the Sword of Valor several feet away, I knew it was my chance. I skirted around the beast, took it, and prayed to Iomedae for her assistance.


The Sword of Valor activated for me, no longer was I under the effect of the dark, evil aura of this dungeon. Wielding it one hand and my rapier in other, the shadow beast had no chance to survive. After some seconds the shadow beast was defeated. Ragnor was tried to help me but he was busy resisting Eustoriax. Through Threkil he was casting his own spells at Ragnor. Ragnor kept battling invisible forced that restrained him.

Meanwhile Bunduhr, Arkazar, and Tirdal had been busy with the crystals. The crystals were resisting magics and hits, but still several of them were now destroyed, but in none of them was Threkil’s soul. After the shadow beast was defeated, Ragnor and I also went to bashing mode. I even used the Sword of Valor as a weapon, its divine power was no match for the crystals. One hit was enough to destroy them. After almost all the crystals were destroyed, Bunduhr went back to a crystal he had tried to break, and then had left for another. With renewed focus he destroyed this crystal, which was the one Threkil’s soul was in!


The magics reverted, Threkil was free! Eustoriax was in our grasp now, we all engaged the demon who succumbed to our power. With the Sword of Valor inspiring me, I was able to deal the final blow to the shadow demon and end the demonics presence in Drezen. The Sword of Valor was ours! Drezen was free!

Demons begone! Part 1
The Sword of Valor recovered

Staunton Vhane was defeated but there were still demon denizens in Drezen, and the Sword of Valor was not recovered yet. The lower dungeons of the Drezen citadel awaited us.

We recovered, gathered our gear, and companions (including a new one, Tirdal an Aasimar who wielded arcane magics) and proceed to the depths of the citadel. The upper citadel had an evil aura that damped our efforts, here in the lower parts the evil aura intensified. We were clearly in enemy territory. We first arrived at a sort of prison cells that were now empty. We proceeded down a corridor with more empty cells, and we were ambushed by some wraiths that were quickly disposed of. One actually ran away from us, and we gave chase only to arrive at a room with several vampire spawns. Bundühr, Ragnor, and me went to battle on melee, while Threkil, Arkazar, and Tirdal stayed behind blasting from afar. They weren’t so hard to defeat, but we needed some wooded stakes to keep really extra ‘dead’.

On our chase we passed two sides doors which we skipped because of the pursuit of the wraith. We went through one of this doors, went down a stairwell, only to find 2 demons, 2 vampire-spawns, and an orc vampire, the leader of the spawns. The mages shined now after slacking before, Tirdal conjured a flame wall and even called down an ice storm on our adversaries, and Arkazar shoot some fireballs in the whole mess. After the magics fall off, we entered in melee to mop up what was left. This room had nothing special, but there were a couple of other rooms, an office and more cells. There was one survivor, but was too exhausted after tortures and the feeding of the vampires, that all Threkil could do was stabilize him.

After the battle the orc vampire was not vanishing/decaying as the vampire spawns, his coffin and source of power still prevailed. We thoroughly searched for it, and Threkil found a small opening into a secret chamber with a coffin in it, jackpot! After discussing how could we enter, Bundühr just created a door by using his divine magic. A divine cleansing finally destroyed the vampires power, and his body began to decay.

While all this happened tremors began to rumble through the dungeon. I first detected this disturbance, but others began to feel them as well, the tremors were intensifying in power. We recalled that the seneschal Chorussina wanted to destroy the city, the tremors were a bad omen, some evil ritual was being performed and had to be stopped, quickly! No time for a rest. In preparation Arkazar summoned an earth elemental, which would be a big move.

We headed to the only other obvious location, the other door in the corridor with cells. To our disappointment we did not find anyone here. It was just more prison cells, but these ones made to contain more powerful beings, including anti-magic fields. One of the cells was of particular interest. The walls were full of butterflies, the symbol of Desna the goddess of dreams, stars and travel. This was probably where the heretic succubus was being held before she escaped. Staunton Vhane was searching for her in vain after she escaped, her current whereabouts are unknown. This cell still had a lingering presence of Desna, which explains how the succubus escaped. It also worked to our advantage, inside the cell the evil aura dissipated helping our clerics cast their spells.

The tremors continued to intensify, and we had no clear indication of where to go. We probably missed a secret door. Bundühr called on Torag to guide us, and we got a general direction in which to go, the first room with prison cells. There we found the secret passage into the Forge, the one being used to corrupt holy weapons.

We were on a platform 10 feet above a huge room with the forge. Bars blocked the fast way down. A small 10 feet sq elevator lowered into the room. Guarding the forge were 6 salamanders. Bundühr, Threkil and Ragnor went down to battle toe to toe. The rest stayed above firing arrows and blasting magics to them. The best move was Brock, the earth elemental. He took the brunt of the salamanders attack which included a fire damage each time one hit them in melee, The battle was fierce and Ragnor had to be healed through the damage. One salamander avoided fighting and just went to the back to open the sigils protecting the back door. As he finished disabling the seals, we brought it down. The battle was won. We recovered our wounds, and took 5 min to rest. Chorussina awaited and we had no time, the ritual was nearing conclusion.

The Sword of Valor
Bundühr Diaries

We had defeated the evil Chorussina and her plans to destroy Drezen with her demonic ritual. We explored the temple and find a door heading to an hallway that opened to a large room where the mighty Sword of Valor was showed. Along the walls were 6 large niches, each with a fresco representing Deskari and Baphomet killing the gods of the crusaders: Torag, Iomedae, Sarenrae, Desna and Shelyn. The last niche was open to a small shrine to Deskari. Paranoia were building up on us, as Ragnor sensed evil and corruption in the place and Bundühr prayed Torag to show the magic effects in place, perceiving a strong illusion effect on the Sword of Valor and the paintings. Ragnor decided to break the paintings raising Radiance and hitting them, at this moment from each of the scenes a Deskari phantasmal killer attacked us haunting our minds. With Torag favor, Ragnor and Bundühr resisted the effects. With Iomedae’s faith Andariel dismissed the phantom as an illusion. With Desna’s favor Tirdal holded on his mind. With his heart bursted by Sarenrae’s faith, Threkil resisted the evil gripping through his will. Instead, Arkazar failed to resist it and fell in paranoia and pain, but then he regained his willpower breaking the illusion.


Then, inspired by Threkil we started to search for a secret door. A normal door was up there in the hallway from which we arrived, but everyone forgot it and searched for Threkil’s secret door. This took time, and everyone tried to help the half-elf. Obviously, he found the secret door inside Deskari’s shrine, where Bundühr had searched just before. We opened it with the magic chime and the secret panel slided opening on a hallway heading to a wall. When Ragnor and Bundühr saw it, they turned around asking for Threkil help, he just kept walking touched the wall in a secret place and opened it like he already had been there or as guided by Sarenrae’s power.


The secret panel opened in a circular room with a 5 foot all-around tier and a large 10 foot deep pit in the middle. Inside the pit a big black column with a statue of Deskari was looking to us. The room had two big double doors, one that probably came from the hallway we bypassed, and the other that led deeper into the dungeon. Ragnor climbed down to the pit, but he disappeared into the ground as he failed to fall standing, as if the ground would swallow him. He fell 30 feet deeper and faced two big black pudding that attacked him. From above the others didn’t understood what happened and were surprised by the paladin disappearance. Ragnor attacked the approaching black pudding with power attack and hit the first right into its gelatinous brain but the pudding splashed the dwarf wounding him with acid. The two creatures reacted and attacked the dwarven paladin missing their pseudopod attacks, Ragnor shouted for help and to be careful with the ground.


Then the party reacted, everybody was trying to understand how could the paladin disappear. Arrows were shoot to the ground that apparently absorbed them somehow. Some used arcana knowledge guessing the possible powers but failing to discern an illusion or magic effects. Others used prayers of light to shine on the darkness that veiled the pit, illuminating just a 10 feet deep pit, without signs of the paladin. The warlock blasted the ground recognizing it as an Hallucinatory Terrain. Meanwhile, Bundühr decided to go help Ragnor inside the swallower ground, and prepared a rope to climb down.
At the same time, down in the pit, Ragnor killed the first black pudding but the second one heavily wounded him.


Then the ranger elf fired an arrow were she guessed could trespass the ground trying to hit the monster attacking the dwarven paladin. She hit the pudding and dismissed the illusion.
At the same time, warlock conjured eldritch blasts that hit the black pudding pushing it away from Ragnor. The sorcerer approached the pit and recognized the hallucinatory form of the ground. Meanwhile the dwarven cleric rushed down the rapel and interposed himself between the ooze and the wounded Ragnor, receiving its attacks. As Bundhür climbed down, the half-elf recognized the illusion, and the paladin healed his wounds.


Finally, the elf ranger shoot the arrows hitting the ooze down on the pit, while Arkazar blasted it in spores. We decided to take a short rest, back in Desna’s shrine, before following down into the dungeon. Then with new forces we restarted the search for the Sword of Valor.

We arrived to the round room with the pit and as we were heading toward the north doors, Ragnor triggered a trap releasing a telekinetic effect that pushed the dwarven paladin into the pit. Bruised but still well fit, Ragnor came back to lead the party, while Threkil searched for other traps on our path. We reached the door without other inconvenience.
From inside we din’t perceived any sounds or movements, so we opened the doors. A deeper darkness filled the room, and a profound demonic voice said “Finally you arrived, the Terendelev’s heirs. We were waiting you, to give your souls to our lord Deskari.” Bundühr prayed Torag to dispel the magic darkness and the Father’s forge burst into the dungeon dispelling the demonic enchantment. A large shadow demon appeared at the other end of the room, Eustoriax we guessed, accompanied by a medium shadow beast. They were guarding the real Sword of Valor. On the walls were hanged 7 nahindrian crystals each in a special niche, and on the far corners two large Deskari’s and Baphomet’s statues each with a crystal in their hand decorated the room.


Eustoriax casted darkness again to hide itself behind it. The Torag’s cleric entered the room praying the Spirit Guardians to protect him and the party. Threkil dismissed the darkness with a light spell. Andariel approached inside the room activating her Terendelev’s scale into her secondary sword. Arkazar blasted the shadow demon from the other side.
The shadow monster approached the front line and shouted with thousand tortured voices on them, but the elf and the dwarf resisted its demonic effects. Tirdal cast hold monster on the shadow beast, failing to affect it. Ragnor entered the room and threw his hammer to the shadow beast.


Eustoriax possessed Threkil as the soul of the cleric entered a magic jar and his incorporeal body vanished in the air. Bundühr recognized the magic effect and attacked the nearest nahindrian crystal triering it. Andariel reached the Sword of Valor wielding it in the air showing it to the party praying Iomedae’s power to join the fight. Arkazar blasted the same crystal breaking it, but it wasn’t the magic jar of Threkil’s soul.
The Shadow beast attacked Andariel who defended with the magic banner. Tirdal casted fireball on two nearest crystals triering them, but failing to break them cause their demonic essence gave them fire resistance. Ragnor attacked the shadow beast dealing big wounds to it.


Bundühr approached the Deskari’s statue but failed to hit the nahindrian crystal and asked the party to hit the crystal near to the banner. At the same time, Eustoriax possesing Threkill body restrained the paladin and moved him through the air, Andariel wielding the Sword of Valor as a quarterstaff reacted to the shadow beast attack and hit it hard and Arkazar blasted the crystal near to the banner, making some damage to it.
Near the word of valor’s altar the Shadow beast kept attacking the ranger, missing her, while Tirdal used ray of frost on the nearest crystal to him failing to damage it and Ragnor threw its hammers to the beast hitting it hard.


Bundühr reached the central nahindrian crystal and hit it, failing to pass the material hardness. In the mean time, Eustoriax tried to move the paladin, but failed to maintain him restrained, and the dwarven paladin fell to the ground rolling on himself and standing up, ready to fight.
The ranger wielding the Sword of Valor in one hand attacked the beast with its rapier, and the tielfling blasted the nearest crystal failing to break it.
The Shadow beast tried again to hit the ranger missing her, while the aasimar casted frost rays on the nearest crystal just making little damage to it and the paladin attacked the shadow beast throwing his hammer to it.


The dwarven cleric kept trying to hit the central crystal failing to break it. The shadow demon moved to protect one of the still intact crystals, on the east wall, and tried to grapple the paladin again but the dwarf resisted it. The elf with the Sword of Valor still on her hand attacked the shadow beast, finally killing it.
The warlock blasted again the nearest crystal making little damage to it. Tirdal casted more frost rays on the nearest crystal just making little damage to it as the Torag’s paladin approached the nahindrian crystal protected by Eustoriax and stroke it with the hammer, breaking it in thousand pieces and moving to the next one as neither this was the magic jar.


Bundühr swept the hammer for the axe and hit the central crystal failing to break it again.
Eustoriax moved away from the dwarven paladin trying to grab him again with its telepathic powers. Andariel with the Sword of Valor hit the central crystal breaking it with full power.
Arkazar blasted again the same crystal finally breaking it. Tirdal kept attacking the crystal with the ray of frost cantrip and Ragnor shattered another crystal.


The dwarven cleric felt Torag’s disappointment as he left an unfinished work with the crystal in the statue, he got back to it and attacked with great power with Fiendsplitter.
Eustoriax tried to confuse and divert the party casting darkness to the group of caster with the paladin. The ranger again with the Sword of Valor shattered the crystal in the Baphomet statue, but this wasn’t Threkil soul. The warlock helped Bundühr with the Deskari’s statue crystal blasting it, dealing not much damage. Tirdal again attacked the crystal with the ray of frost. And Ragnor rushed through the darkness to reach the last untouched crystal.


Bundühr finally destroyed the Deskari’s statue crystal and the magic jar spell reverted, with Threkil’s soul back in his body. Eustoriax reappeared in the place were it was when it cast the spell, right into the Torag’s Spirit Guardians.
Threkil came out of the darkness and rushed to engage the demon in melee. Andariel dashed in and attacked the shadow demon with full power putting the hunter’s mark on it.
Arkazar focused his blast spell on the demon, casting hex on it and dealing extra damage.
Tirdal attacked it with acid splash and Ragnor approached it in melee.


The demon attacked Andariel wounding her, while Bundühr engage it in melee failing to hit it.
Threkill stroke the demon with its morning star, wounding it again.
Andariel took a full attack on it dealing a lot of wounds, and Arkazar kept blasting the demon with his powers. Tirdal attacked it again with acid splash and Ragnor took a full round dealing tremendous wounds to the demon vanishing its twisted soul back to the forge.

The Drezen Seneschal
Bundühr Diaries

We headed toward the big double doors that the fire salamander had opened. Threkil heard chants and shouts like an obscure ritual was ongoing. We all prepared to enter and interrupt Chorussina’s evil plan. Ragnor prayed the Father’s favor for Haste. Bundühr channeled the power of Terendelev’s scale and prayed to the Creator to enhance his armor. Andariel prepared her rapier. Threkil warned everybody about the possibles dangers inside.


Ragnor opened the doors, on the inside, Chorussina, three Brimoraks and three Incubus were carrying on the insane ritual to destroy Drezen. Andariel conjured a pack of wolves, Arkazar blasted Chorussina, Bundühr rushed into the room casting Confusion between them affecting one Incubus. The pack of wolves attacked the front line of two Brimorak and one Incubus trying to trip them. Threkil prayed Sarenrae’s Flamestrike on them. Tirdal cast a web trapping the other Incubus and a Brimorak but Chorussina escaped. Then the front line with Ragnor, the wolves and Bundühr was set as the paladin approached one Brimorak of the front line.


Andariel entered and dashed in attacking the Incubus of the front line. Arkazar focused blasting Chorussina dealing some harm. The dwarven cleric attacked the other Brimorak on the front line. The wolf pack attacked the front line tripping them this time. The evil seneschal retreated and casted a Wall of Force around her in a corner of the big hall. The halfelf prayed Sarenrae’s Flames on the Incubus of the back line. While the
Aasimar cast an acid splash on the web trapped Brimorak. Their back line trapped and confused answered the attacks with range fire as the front line got up and attacked the wolves and Bundühr. The hasted dwarven paladin kept attacking the Brimorak.


Then the remaining wolves reacted and tripped again the front line demons. The elf waited for her wolves help and dashed in attacking again the front line’s Incubus with the advantage. The tiefling blasted the trapped Brimorak, missing it. Meanwhile Bundühr kept attacking the other demon of the front line using the advantage the wolves gave us, as he asked the halfelf cleric to Dispel the magic wall the evil seneschal conjured. Chorussina took a potion and maintained herself inside the wall where we can’t reach her. Threkil prayed Sarenrae to Dispel the Force Wall but failed, the magic of it was not breakable by Dispel Magic. Tirdal again casted acid splash on the trapped Brimorak. Their back line, still trapped in the web, attacked with range fire. Meanwhile the front line got up again, answering the attacks of the wolves and Ragnor killing some wolves, yet failing to damage the dwarven paladin. With great display of Radiance he answered their effort killing the first Brimorak and approached the Incubus near him.


The remaining wolves again reacted and tripped their front line. Andariel killed the front line’s Incubus. The warlock blasted to hell the trapped Brimorak. And Torag’s cleric killed the other Brimorak and approached the trapped Incubus. Chorussina conjured a Yochlol on the front line losing the wall of force. Threkil attacked the trapped Incubus taking advantage of its entaglement. The sorcerer casted acid splash on the conjured demon and dismissed the web. The demon Yochlol casted a web on us and trapped Arkazar, while Ragnor Misty Stepped next to Chorussina attacking her with full power.


The last standing wolf attacked the once trapped Incubus. The ranger escaped the Yochlol’s web, attacked it, then attacked the Incubus on the way and reached Chorussina with another rapier attack. Arkazar blasted again Chorussina, while trapped into the Yochlol’s web. Bundühr killed the incubus and reached out toward Chorussina. The evil seneschal casted some spell on us failing to affect our will. The half-elf cleric escaped the Yochlol’s web and attacked the Incubus with Sarenrae’s Flames. The aasimar acid splashed the Incubus killing it. The conjured Yochlol attacked the trapped warlock dealing him a lot of wounds. And in the hall’s corner Torag’s paladin dealt a full blow to Chorussina.


Then Andariel spring attacked the evil Chorussina with full power, and Arkazar blasted again the evil seneschal finally killing her. The dwarf cleric rushed back and attacked the demon giving great joy to Fiendsplitter. Meanwhile Threkil healed the warlock wounds and
Tirdal acid splashed the demon.
The Yochlol attacked again deciding to stay despise of the conjurer death.
But Ragnor give it the payback sending it to the Creator and cleaving back to give the finals blows to Chorussina.


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