Wrath of the Righteous

Demons begone! Part 2

The Sword of Valor recovered

After a quick rest after the salamander battle, we went through the big double doors in the back. We went prepared for battle, I channeled Terendelevs magic onto my second rapier, Bunduhr enhanced his armor, and Ragnor prayed for hastiness. Inside we found Chorussina with 3 Brimoraks demons and 3 Incubus prepared the fel and evil ritual.


I had for some time access to a new spell that I had been waiting to cast in a good opportunity. This was it. With Iomedae’s assistance I conjured 8 fey wolfs.


I then proceeded to the front lines to battle side by side with my wolf pack against the demons. Arkazar began to blast Chorussina, Tirdal cast web to hinder the enemies movement, Threkil brought divine fire to the mix, while Bunduhr and Ragnor went with me to battle in melee. Chorussina hang back at first protecting herself behond a wall of force. This gave us time to deal with the demons lackeys, which were no match for all our might. When only a couple of demons remained Chorussina left her safe spot to conjure an evil demon Tree from the Abyss, which cast web on most of us trapping us only for a bit. one by one my wolfs were vanquished and disappeared, their job was done. Chorussina tried to affect our will in vain, and soon her minions were defeated, she went down next, and only the tree lasted a bit longer against our power. The ritual was stopped, Drezen was safe.

This big room had two wings, one leading to a depowered demon portal, the other lead further into the dungeon, hopefully where the Sword of Valor was located.

As we went further we entered a temple with what seemed the Sword of Valor on display, 6 niches, 5 with paintings showing Deskari and Baphomet killing the gods of the crusaders: Iomedae, Torag, Sarenrae, Desna and Shelyn. The last niche had a small shrine devoted to Deskari. After all the trouble, the Sword of Valor was on display without guards…. surelly a trap! Bunduhr figured out it was an illusion, and also that magic was present in the paintings. Ragnor thought the best way to disrupt the magic was to hit the paintings… which triggered the magic trap. Phantasmal killers from the paintings went for us. With faith and fortitude we dismissed them, except for Arkazar.

We thoroughly searched for more secret doors and our resident expert in secret doors Threkil found one in the shrine of Deskari. It lead a small passage to a seeming dead end, where Threkil again found where to open the secret door. We arrived a circular room with a 10 feet down pit, a 5 feet tier surrounding it, and a 5 feet second tier 5 feet above surrounding all. In the middle of the pit was a column with a statue to Deskari. Ragnor went to the statue only to find that the 10 feet drop of the pit was an illusion, it was a 40 feet drop. There he found two black pudding, which we all help to bring down after we dismissed the 10 feet floor as an illusion. Some of us shot arrows and spells from above (the sensible thing), and Bunduhr rappelled down to help Ragnor.

After this mishap we rested a bit back near the cell where Desna’s presence still lingered. We sensed an upcoming final battle.

We proceeded back and went to the north doors. We sensed no movements and went through. A deeper darkness filled the room, we were greeted by a Eustoriax who was hiding in the darkness. Bundühr dispelled the darkness so we could move forward, and a large shadow demon was revealed at the other side of the room, Eustoriax at last.


By his side was a shadow beast and our objective, the real Sword of Valor. The room had some interesting features, 6 nahindrian crystals were located in niches in the sides of the room, a final crytsal was behind the altar with the Sword of Valor, and in the sides at the back two large Deskari’s and Baphomet’s statues each with a crystal in their hand.

The battle was at hand. Eustoriax hide again behind a second darkness. The entered into the fray dispelling again the foul darkness. I charged the demons with Ragnor by my side, with ranged support of Arkazar and Tirdal. The shadow beast tried to demoralize us, but with the Sword so close, nothing could stop us now. Tirdal tried to hold the shadow beast, but failed.

In a surprise move Eustoriax somehow managed to possess Threkil. Eustoriax’s body disappeared, his soul went to Threkil’s body and the clerics soul was trapped elsewhere! Bunduhr recognized was had happened, and guessed Threkil’s soul was in one of the 9 nahindrian crystals in the room. He proceeded to smash the nearest crystal, soon Tirdal and Arkazar begun to also try to destroy the crystals. But these were evil crystal, infused with demonic magic which made them very resistant.

Ragnor and I still had a shadow beast in front of us. It was our task to take care of it before trying to release Threkil. With the Sword of Valor several feet away, I knew it was my chance. I skirted around the beast, took it, and prayed to Iomedae for her assistance.


The Sword of Valor activated for me, no longer was I under the effect of the dark, evil aura of this dungeon. Wielding it one hand and my rapier in other, the shadow beast had no chance to survive. After some seconds the shadow beast was defeated. Ragnor was tried to help me but he was busy resisting Eustoriax. Through Threkil he was casting his own spells at Ragnor. Ragnor kept battling invisible forced that restrained him.

Meanwhile Bunduhr, Arkazar, and Tirdal had been busy with the crystals. The crystals were resisting magics and hits, but still several of them were now destroyed, but in none of them was Threkil’s soul. After the shadow beast was defeated, Ragnor and I also went to bashing mode. I even used the Sword of Valor as a weapon, its divine power was no match for the crystals. One hit was enough to destroy them. After almost all the crystals were destroyed, Bunduhr went back to a crystal he had tried to break, and then had left for another. With renewed focus he destroyed this crystal, which was the one Threkil’s soul was in!


The magics reverted, Threkil was free! Eustoriax was in our grasp now, we all engaged the demon who succumbed to our power. With the Sword of Valor inspiring me, I was able to deal the final blow to the shadow demon and end the demonics presence in Drezen. The Sword of Valor was ours! Drezen was free!


LeslieWatt MatiasL

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