Wrath of the Righteous

The Drezen Seneschal

Bundühr Diaries

We headed toward the big double doors that the fire salamander had opened. Threkil heard chants and shouts like an obscure ritual was ongoing. We all prepared to enter and interrupt Chorussina’s evil plan. Ragnor prayed the Father’s favor for Haste. Bundühr channeled the power of Terendelev’s scale and prayed to the Creator to enhance his armor. Andariel prepared her rapier. Threkil warned everybody about the possibles dangers inside.


Ragnor opened the doors, on the inside, Chorussina, three Brimoraks and three Incubus were carrying on the insane ritual to destroy Drezen. Andariel conjured a pack of wolves, Arkazar blasted Chorussina, Bundühr rushed into the room casting Confusion between them affecting one Incubus. The pack of wolves attacked the front line of two Brimorak and one Incubus trying to trip them. Threkil prayed Sarenrae’s Flamestrike on them. Tirdal cast a web trapping the other Incubus and a Brimorak but Chorussina escaped. Then the front line with Ragnor, the wolves and Bundühr was set as the paladin approached one Brimorak of the front line.


Andariel entered and dashed in attacking the Incubus of the front line. Arkazar focused blasting Chorussina dealing some harm. The dwarven cleric attacked the other Brimorak on the front line. The wolf pack attacked the front line tripping them this time. The evil seneschal retreated and casted a Wall of Force around her in a corner of the big hall. The halfelf prayed Sarenrae’s Flames on the Incubus of the back line. While the
Aasimar cast an acid splash on the web trapped Brimorak. Their back line trapped and confused answered the attacks with range fire as the front line got up and attacked the wolves and Bundühr. The hasted dwarven paladin kept attacking the Brimorak.


Then the remaining wolves reacted and tripped again the front line demons. The elf waited for her wolves help and dashed in attacking again the front line’s Incubus with the advantage. The tiefling blasted the trapped Brimorak, missing it. Meanwhile Bundühr kept attacking the other demon of the front line using the advantage the wolves gave us, as he asked the halfelf cleric to Dispel the magic wall the evil seneschal conjured. Chorussina took a potion and maintained herself inside the wall where we can’t reach her. Threkil prayed Sarenrae to Dispel the Force Wall but failed, the magic of it was not breakable by Dispel Magic. Tirdal again casted acid splash on the trapped Brimorak. Their back line, still trapped in the web, attacked with range fire. Meanwhile the front line got up again, answering the attacks of the wolves and Ragnor killing some wolves, yet failing to damage the dwarven paladin. With great display of Radiance he answered their effort killing the first Brimorak and approached the Incubus near him.


The remaining wolves again reacted and tripped their front line. Andariel killed the front line’s Incubus. The warlock blasted to hell the trapped Brimorak. And Torag’s cleric killed the other Brimorak and approached the trapped Incubus. Chorussina conjured a Yochlol on the front line losing the wall of force. Threkil attacked the trapped Incubus taking advantage of its entaglement. The sorcerer casted acid splash on the conjured demon and dismissed the web. The demon Yochlol casted a web on us and trapped Arkazar, while Ragnor Misty Stepped next to Chorussina attacking her with full power.


The last standing wolf attacked the once trapped Incubus. The ranger escaped the Yochlol’s web, attacked it, then attacked the Incubus on the way and reached Chorussina with another rapier attack. Arkazar blasted again Chorussina, while trapped into the Yochlol’s web. Bundühr killed the incubus and reached out toward Chorussina. The evil seneschal casted some spell on us failing to affect our will. The half-elf cleric escaped the Yochlol’s web and attacked the Incubus with Sarenrae’s Flames. The aasimar acid splashed the Incubus killing it. The conjured Yochlol attacked the trapped warlock dealing him a lot of wounds. And in the hall’s corner Torag’s paladin dealt a full blow to Chorussina.


Then Andariel spring attacked the evil Chorussina with full power, and Arkazar blasted again the evil seneschal finally killing her. The dwarf cleric rushed back and attacked the demon giving great joy to Fiendsplitter. Meanwhile Threkil healed the warlock wounds and
Tirdal acid splashed the demon.
The Yochlol attacked again deciding to stay despise of the conjurer death.
But Ragnor give it the payback sending it to the Creator and cleaving back to give the finals blows to Chorussina.


LeslieWatt ClaudioBruno

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