Wrath of the Righteous

The Dungeon Cells

Bundühr Diaries

First thing we did in the morning after praying Torag and have a good meal, was recover all the spoils of the evil dwarfs from unfaithfull hands.
Andariel accepted to gave the maps and other war documents retrieved with no problems, as long she had time to copy them for her use in the scoutings of the worldwound.
Arkazar didn’t wanted to return Staunton’s diary. His attitude was very suspicious, he argued the book twisted Staunton‘s mind because of being a dwarf, an impossible like Jorah told us, Staunton was tempted by a demon and finally choosed to join their cause. Then he argued that Threkill should have the book to study it and keep it safe, with the high probability to lost it forever, given to a beggar or sacrificed to the sun. Finally he sounded particularly convinced by Bundühr’s power and faith in Torag to reasonably gave it to the cleric, but now everybody is suspicious about him.
Ragnor introduced a new member to the team, Tirdal, an Aasimar, who didn’t speak dwarf and was willing to join us in our quest. His motivations wasn’t made clear, neither how he contacted Ragnor. Being that the celestial creature was willing to join us, so with Torag‘s favor we took him among us.
With renewed strengths we entered the citadel and reached the stairway to the dungeon. We entered the dungeon and arrived to a locked door. Bundühr sounded the magic chime to open it. It opened to a large hall with many cells and two rooms with many torture instruments. In front of us was a large double door.
We reached an hallway with more cells, when we arrived at half way exploring it, from inside some cells appeared four wraiths that attacked us.
Andariel with her mighty rapier attacked succesfully one of them, and Arkazar took advantage to kill it with his blasts. Bundühr channeled the power of Torag against the undead, frightening one of them and sending Torag’s spiritual hammer to attack another one. We found the Unhallow of the Citadel was heavier down there, and our radiant power was hampered. Threkill nevertheless cast Protection from Evil to Ragnor, while the spirits protected by the grids cells avoided the paladin’s attacks. Finally Tirdal conjured a full plate armor with awesome powers.
Then we took down the others: Arkazar showed up and hit them hard with his blasts, while Andariel danced through them slayin’em all, Bundühr attacked them with Torag’s flame hammers, Threkill cast on them Sun Flames, and Tirdal attacked them with some mighty fire bolts as Ragnor swung Radiance hitting the cell bars.
We headed toward the surviving one, intending to avoid it to came in worst times. We followed the frightened wraith into another chamber with cells, where appeared four vampirespawns. They attacked us with crossbow and then they hided into the cells.
Andariel lifted the cells bars, Arkazar blasted a fireball on them, Ragnor and Bundühr headed toward them, Threkill channeled Sarenrae‘s powers to turn the undead, frightening a vampire and again the wraith, while Tirdal showed his mighty powers with fire bolts.
Andariel took the first vampire in melee, but the evil undead grappled her and took her inside the cell. With the help of Arkazar, Threkill and Tirdal powers attacking it, Andariel released herself and slayed it in two assaults. Ragnor reached the second vampire and punished his undead unexistance. Bundühr took the third vampire, with Torag’s spiritual hammer. Casting Torag’s Flame Hammers on the undead he reached it into its cell, but the evil vampire grappled him.
Then Ragnor slayed the second and cleaved on the third, and Bundühr realeased himself as the vampire fought back the paladin assault. Ragnor took the vampire down with a final blown.
Then, Bundühr grabbed a javelin from Ragnor‘s back and splitted it in half with Fiendsplitter to make two stakes to be nailed into the hearts of the vampires. Passed one stakes to Tirdal but Arkazar took it from the hands of the half-celestial and nailed it into the vampire heart. Threkill focused on deliver radiant damage on the defeated vampires to avoid them from recovery, us we stabbed them with the stakes.
Ragnor faced the fourth vampire and all us reached him in the fight killing it fast and furiously.
The last standing was the wraith that with ease we dealt with.
Then we headed toward a double door we passed by in the hallway. We opened the doors to a decending stair, that opened on a great room. There waiting in the dark two vrocks attacked us, in the door frame, one with its demonic screech the other with its beak and talons .
We answered their attacks, Andariel shooting arrows, Bundühr and Ragnor facing them with dwarven stance, Threkill, Arkazar and Tirdal attacking them with their powers. Then from the side rooms came two other vampirespawn and a vampire orc. The vampire orc cast Hold Person on Ragnor and Tirdal, and Ragnor resisted it. Arkazar blasted a fireball hitting the orc making him loose the concentration on the hold. Tirdal set a wall of fire on the Vrocks avoiding them to stand on the door not letting us came inside. The evil demons and their undead servants retreated to the back wall escaping from the mighty wall of fire. Then Tirdal casted a ice storm spell hitting them hard.
We regrouped and entered the room as Tirdal let fade the magic Wall. Ragnor casted upon himself a haste spell and attacked the evil orc vampire with great power. Andariel took the vrock apart while Threkill focused his magic on attacking it with the sun flames, Arkazar with his blasts put an hex on it. Tirdal casted upon them his mighty fire bolts hitting them very hard. Bundühr joined Ragnor in the attack to the evil undead leader with Fiendsplitter and Torag’s spritual weapon.
Clearly we got them unprepared, and we kept them cornered against the back wall. We slayed them all with Ragnor hasted powerfull critical attacks, Andariel wirlwind of rapier attacks, Threkill sun flames, Torag’s spiritual warhammer and Fiendsplitter thirst, Arkazar blasts and the mighty Tirdal’s fire bolts.


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