Wrath of the Righteous

The Forge

Bundühr Diaries

We had just slayed the vampire orc and we were waiting for it to crumble into dust, but the process was taking way too long. Bundühr and Threkil tried to remember a clue about it from their studies, and decided we needed to find the coffin. Sometimes, very powerful vampires that had lingered way too long in this life, were somehow binded to their coffins and thats needed to be exorcised in order to finally finish their undead existence.

Then Andariel sensed a tremor, almost an earthquake. All the dungeon was shaking, very slightly. Neither of the dwarfs sensed it. And they disregarded it as elf’s hallucination caused by sun light deprivation.
Meanwhile preparing himself for greater dangers, Arkazar asked Torag’s cleric to bless some stones and then started a long spell conjuring an Earth Elemental called Brøôk from the EEP.


The elf searched the vampire remains finding a suits of leather armor and a magic dagger.
We headed to the door from which the vampire came. It was the vampire’s office or studio, with a very fine carpet where almost hided in the shadow laid a dying man, with the vampire’s characteristic bite. Bundühr rushed and prayed Torag to Spare the dying man. Torag power healed him, but the long tortures he undergone had him exhausted, so he didn’t awake.


We searched the other doors finding other tortures chambers but no sign of doors or clues for the coffin. We headed to the office again, and the ranger searched under the fine carpet finding nothing like a concealed or secret passage. The rest of us started to search the shelves, for something like a secret door. Then the Sarenrae’s cleric asked what we were doing, and pointed the evident 2 millimeters of diameter gas passage that the vampire had used to pass the thick wall to the chamber of the coffin.


The warlock tiefling suggested to send Brøôk to destroy the coffin, but the complicated and sacred nature of the rituals involved wouldn’t be successful. Than he proposed to use his mage hand, showing us that he could open and close the coffin looking inside the chamber from the tiny passage but he couldn’t channel the divine power needed to exorcise the coffin.
Then another earthquake struck, this time the dwarf cleric perceived it, and the paladin confirmed it. Then Bundühr starting to anger himself prayed Torag to built a small door into the stone, just the right fit for the dwarves not had to kneel to pass it. Then with Threkil, they cleansed the coffin with sacred fire, holy water and a lot of special prayers.

Then we started to search information about the rescued man. Obviously to everybody sounded suspicious that we found him still alive. Then again a new earthquake struck the dungeon, this time everybody felt it, even the paladin that didn’t felt it, acknowledged the distress in the party members. Threkil and Arkazar were sure the quakes weren’t natural, but some kind of magic was going on. Then Bundühr recalled that Joran told, or we learnt from Staunton diary, that Chorussina wanted to destroy the city, and probably the quakes could be some kind of manifestation of the obscure and powerful ritual that she was setting up.


We headed to the other big doors in the hallway, it was sealed from inside, so, sure nothing was in there, we entered. It was another torture chamber with two small side rooms, one with force cages and magical runes shining actives somehow making a powerful anti-magic field inside of it. The other ones, guarding a room full of butterflies scratches on the walls, were off. Bundühr prayed Torag’s protection and entered the small cell, feeling instantly relieved from the unhallow power of the dungeon. Carved into the stone a pray to the lady of luck, evidently made by the missing succubus before escaping the prison, Desna’s power were to guid our quest.

The dwarven cleric read the prayer loud, then prayed Torag to locate the evil Chorussina. His arm twisted, swirled, swung around and finally pointed to the south east corner of the first chamber of the dungeon. A spray of butterflies and little hammers showed trough the air, following them we moved out of Desna’s haven, but right after leaving the cell, the magic disappeared, we felt another earthquake and estimated that we had maybe an hour before everything collapsed.


We headed to the location pointed by Torag with the help of the good friend Desna, and, as usual, Threkil stepped in to find the exact location of the secret door, this feat of him was very useful once again. We didn’t had time to deal with the complicated forms to open it, so Bundühr sounded the chime of opening. The secret door opened to a warm high underground terrace, with a ten-foot-wide cage that enclosed an elevated lift ready to descend. Chains and pulleys allowed the cage to be lowered down into the room or moved across the room to a double door at the far side of the chamber. The terrace and cage both overlooked a large room. Below, in the center of the room a large forge was red hot and guarded by 6 Fire Salamanders. Quickly Arkazar, Tirdal and Threkill shared their knowledge about the evil creatures. And we decided to attack from above.


Andariel fired arrows to the first approaching creature. Arkazar shouted “attack the fire creature Brøôk” and the earth elemental appeared from the wall beneath us and attacked the same approaching creature. With every hit the split blood of the fire creature procured wounds to the conjured elemental, meanwhile the Warlock blasted the creature sending it back 10 feet. The cage and distance supposed a doubled disadvantage to the dwarven throwing axe fighting style, so Ragnor opened the elevator lift and got on it. Meanwhile Bundühr prayed Torag’s Spiritual Warhammer to attack the first fire salamander, and he got on the elevator lift ready to descend into the room. As they answered our attacks with javelins and focusing on Brøôk now surrounded by the fire creatures, Threkil got on the elevator lift and manouvered it down. Tirdal answered their fire with Rays of Frost that make them suffer due to their cold vulnerability.


Then Andariel prayed Iomedae to guide his arrow with its lightining and hit them hard, Brøôk focused on the same salamander hitting it with its powerful strikes, while Arkazar blasted the hell out of them. Ragnor faced on melee one of the creature as Bundühr prayed Torag Spirit Guardians to help them and approached the midst of the fight to get them all. One of the evil creatures answered our attacks grappling Bundühr, and another one reached the far side double door and was disactivating a complicated system of runes clearly to unlock the door, while the others focused on Brøôk and Ragnor. Threkill attacked with Sarenrae’s Sacred Flames and called Sanenrae’s Spiritual Scimitar to attack the salamander. Tirdal keep hitting it hard with the Rays of Frost exploiting their vulnerability eliminating the first one.


Andariel kept firing arrows on them hitting them hard, while Arkazar attacked the one that kept Bundühr grappled sending it back another 20 feet back to the far side of the chamber, releasing the cleric from the deathly grapple. Brøôk brought severe wounds to another salamander attacking it with its slams. Ragnor kept fighting the one engaged with him and the Torag’s cleric attacked one of the elemental that were fighting Brøôk. Now the elementals made a last effort, most of them severly wounded, one grappled Ragnor, one grappled Brøôk, each with their tails, another one attacked the terrace with javelins, while a fourth one approached again to attack the earth elemental slowed down by Torag’s Spirits and the last one kept breaking sigils. Then, Threkill channeled Sarenrae’s power to heal Ragnor, Tirdal frosted the ass of the salamander that grappled the paladin killing it.


Andariel and Arkazar finished the salamander that grappled Brøôk while the elemental killed the other one fighting with it and reached the one on the door. Ragnor finished the salamander that attacked the terrace and advanced toward the one on the door. Bundühr reached the door surrounding the last salamander with Torag’s Spirits Guardians. The evil reptile kept breaking the sigils and finally opened the last one.Threkill attacked again with Sacred Flames and took the elevator lift up. Tirdal attacked the salamander with Ray of Frost hitting it hard.


Then Andariel took the final shoot on the Fire Salamander, than everybody kept ready for what could come from inside.

Keeping an eye to the door, we make sure no other evil was left in the forge chamber. Bundühr, Tirdal and Arkazar studied how to disable temporarily the Forge reading the waves of arcane and divine magic binded to the Forge. The unhallow of the dungeon was focused on the Forge and disabling it could restore the divine powers down there. Heavily wounded Ragnor took a potion of healing, feeling the exhaustion of the heat of the Forge reached the terrace and ordered a retreat to Desna’s haven, so Threkill could cure him with Sarenrae’s full divine grace. They took just a pair of minutes to came back to the Forge room gate, keeping the search for Chorussina and the Sword of Valor. Kenny sloppily falled into the forge burning instantly in dust disappearing between the melten metals.


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