Wrath of the Righteous

The Sword of Valor

Bundühr Diaries

We had defeated the evil Chorussina and her plans to destroy Drezen with her demonic ritual. We explored the temple and find a door heading to an hallway that opened to a large room where the mighty Sword of Valor was showed. Along the walls were 6 large niches, each with a fresco representing Deskari and Baphomet killing the gods of the crusaders: Torag, Iomedae, Sarenrae, Desna and Shelyn. The last niche was open to a small shrine to Deskari. Paranoia were building up on us, as Ragnor sensed evil and corruption in the place and Bundühr prayed Torag to show the magic effects in place, perceiving a strong illusion effect on the Sword of Valor and the paintings. Ragnor decided to break the paintings raising Radiance and hitting them, at this moment from each of the scenes a Deskari phantasmal killer attacked us haunting our minds. With Torag favor, Ragnor and Bundühr resisted the effects. With Iomedae’s faith Andariel dismissed the phantom as an illusion. With Desna’s favor Tirdal holded on his mind. With his heart bursted by Sarenrae’s faith, Threkil resisted the evil gripping through his will. Instead, Arkazar failed to resist it and fell in paranoia and pain, but then he regained his willpower breaking the illusion.


Then, inspired by Threkil we started to search for a secret door. A normal door was up there in the hallway from which we arrived, but everyone forgot it and searched for Threkil’s secret door. This took time, and everyone tried to help the half-elf. Obviously, he found the secret door inside Deskari’s shrine, where Bundühr had searched just before. We opened it with the magic chime and the secret panel slided opening on a hallway heading to a wall. When Ragnor and Bundühr saw it, they turned around asking for Threkil help, he just kept walking touched the wall in a secret place and opened it like he already had been there or as guided by Sarenrae’s power.


The secret panel opened in a circular room with a 5 foot all-around tier and a large 10 foot deep pit in the middle. Inside the pit a big black column with a statue of Deskari was looking to us. The room had two big double doors, one that probably came from the hallway we bypassed, and the other that led deeper into the dungeon. Ragnor climbed down to the pit, but he disappeared into the ground as he failed to fall standing, as if the ground would swallow him. He fell 30 feet deeper and faced two big black pudding that attacked him. From above the others didn’t understood what happened and were surprised by the paladin disappearance. Ragnor attacked the approaching black pudding with power attack and hit the first right into its gelatinous brain but the pudding splashed the dwarf wounding him with acid. The two creatures reacted and attacked the dwarven paladin missing their pseudopod attacks, Ragnor shouted for help and to be careful with the ground.


Then the party reacted, everybody was trying to understand how could the paladin disappear. Arrows were shoot to the ground that apparently absorbed them somehow. Some used arcana knowledge guessing the possible powers but failing to discern an illusion or magic effects. Others used prayers of light to shine on the darkness that veiled the pit, illuminating just a 10 feet deep pit, without signs of the paladin. The warlock blasted the ground recognizing it as an Hallucinatory Terrain. Meanwhile, Bundühr decided to go help Ragnor inside the swallower ground, and prepared a rope to climb down.
At the same time, down in the pit, Ragnor killed the first black pudding but the second one heavily wounded him.


Then the ranger elf fired an arrow were she guessed could trespass the ground trying to hit the monster attacking the dwarven paladin. She hit the pudding and dismissed the illusion.
At the same time, warlock conjured eldritch blasts that hit the black pudding pushing it away from Ragnor. The sorcerer approached the pit and recognized the hallucinatory form of the ground. Meanwhile the dwarven cleric rushed down the rapel and interposed himself between the ooze and the wounded Ragnor, receiving its attacks. As Bundhür climbed down, the half-elf recognized the illusion, and the paladin healed his wounds.


Finally, the elf ranger shoot the arrows hitting the ooze down on the pit, while Arkazar blasted it in spores. We decided to take a short rest, back in Desna’s shrine, before following down into the dungeon. Then with new forces we restarted the search for the Sword of Valor.

We arrived to the round room with the pit and as we were heading toward the north doors, Ragnor triggered a trap releasing a telekinetic effect that pushed the dwarven paladin into the pit. Bruised but still well fit, Ragnor came back to lead the party, while Threkil searched for other traps on our path. We reached the door without other inconvenience.
From inside we din’t perceived any sounds or movements, so we opened the doors. A deeper darkness filled the room, and a profound demonic voice said “Finally you arrived, the Terendelev’s heirs. We were waiting you, to give your souls to our lord Deskari.” Bundühr prayed Torag to dispel the magic darkness and the Father’s forge burst into the dungeon dispelling the demonic enchantment. A large shadow demon appeared at the other end of the room, Eustoriax we guessed, accompanied by a medium shadow beast. They were guarding the real Sword of Valor. On the walls were hanged 7 nahindrian crystals each in a special niche, and on the far corners two large Deskari’s and Baphomet’s statues each with a crystal in their hand decorated the room.


Eustoriax casted darkness again to hide itself behind it. The Torag’s cleric entered the room praying the Spirit Guardians to protect him and the party. Threkil dismissed the darkness with a light spell. Andariel approached inside the room activating her Terendelev’s scale into her secondary sword. Arkazar blasted the shadow demon from the other side.
The shadow monster approached the front line and shouted with thousand tortured voices on them, but the elf and the dwarf resisted its demonic effects. Tirdal cast hold monster on the shadow beast, failing to affect it. Ragnor entered the room and threw his hammer to the shadow beast.


Eustoriax possessed Threkil as the soul of the cleric entered a magic jar and his incorporeal body vanished in the air. Bundühr recognized the magic effect and attacked the nearest nahindrian crystal triering it. Andariel reached the Sword of Valor wielding it in the air showing it to the party praying Iomedae’s power to join the fight. Arkazar blasted the same crystal breaking it, but it wasn’t the magic jar of Threkil’s soul.
The Shadow beast attacked Andariel who defended with the magic banner. Tirdal casted fireball on two nearest crystals triering them, but failing to break them cause their demonic essence gave them fire resistance. Ragnor attacked the shadow beast dealing big wounds to it.


Bundühr approached the Deskari’s statue but failed to hit the nahindrian crystal and asked the party to hit the crystal near to the banner. At the same time, Eustoriax possesing Threkill body restrained the paladin and moved him through the air, Andariel wielding the Sword of Valor as a quarterstaff reacted to the shadow beast attack and hit it hard and Arkazar blasted the crystal near to the banner, making some damage to it.
Near the word of valor’s altar the Shadow beast kept attacking the ranger, missing her, while Tirdal used ray of frost on the nearest crystal to him failing to damage it and Ragnor threw its hammers to the beast hitting it hard.


Bundühr reached the central nahindrian crystal and hit it, failing to pass the material hardness. In the mean time, Eustoriax tried to move the paladin, but failed to maintain him restrained, and the dwarven paladin fell to the ground rolling on himself and standing up, ready to fight.
The ranger wielding the Sword of Valor in one hand attacked the beast with its rapier, and the tielfling blasted the nearest crystal failing to break it.
The Shadow beast tried again to hit the ranger missing her, while the aasimar casted frost rays on the nearest crystal just making little damage to it and the paladin attacked the shadow beast throwing his hammer to it.


The dwarven cleric kept trying to hit the central crystal failing to break it. The shadow demon moved to protect one of the still intact crystals, on the east wall, and tried to grapple the paladin again but the dwarf resisted it. The elf with the Sword of Valor still on her hand attacked the shadow beast, finally killing it.
The warlock blasted again the nearest crystal making little damage to it. Tirdal casted more frost rays on the nearest crystal just making little damage to it as the Torag’s paladin approached the nahindrian crystal protected by Eustoriax and stroke it with the hammer, breaking it in thousand pieces and moving to the next one as neither this was the magic jar.


Bundühr swept the hammer for the axe and hit the central crystal failing to break it again.
Eustoriax moved away from the dwarven paladin trying to grab him again with its telepathic powers. Andariel with the Sword of Valor hit the central crystal breaking it with full power.
Arkazar blasted again the same crystal finally breaking it. Tirdal kept attacking the crystal with the ray of frost cantrip and Ragnor shattered another crystal.


The dwarven cleric felt Torag’s disappointment as he left an unfinished work with the crystal in the statue, he got back to it and attacked with great power with Fiendsplitter.
Eustoriax tried to confuse and divert the party casting darkness to the group of caster with the paladin. The ranger again with the Sword of Valor shattered the crystal in the Baphomet statue, but this wasn’t Threkil soul. The warlock helped Bundühr with the Deskari’s statue crystal blasting it, dealing not much damage. Tirdal again attacked the crystal with the ray of frost. And Ragnor rushed through the darkness to reach the last untouched crystal.


Bundühr finally destroyed the Deskari’s statue crystal and the magic jar spell reverted, with Threkil’s soul back in his body. Eustoriax reappeared in the place were it was when it cast the spell, right into the Torag’s Spirit Guardians.
Threkil came out of the darkness and rushed to engage the demon in melee. Andariel dashed in and attacked the shadow demon with full power putting the hunter’s mark on it.
Arkazar focused his blast spell on the demon, casting hex on it and dealing extra damage.
Tirdal attacked it with acid splash and Ragnor approached it in melee.


The demon attacked Andariel wounding her, while Bundühr engage it in melee failing to hit it.
Threkill stroke the demon with its morning star, wounding it again.
Andariel took a full attack on it dealing a lot of wounds, and Arkazar kept blasting the demon with his powers. Tirdal attacked it again with acid splash and Ragnor took a full round dealing tremendous wounds to the demon vanishing its twisted soul back to the forge.


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