Demon Lord of the Locust Horde


Usher of the Apocalypse

Demon Lord of Infestation and Locusts, he is said to be the Lord of the Locust Host


Deskari appears as a horrible beast, human from the waist up, and locust-like below. Semi-solid wings—composed of clouds of locusts—protrude from his human back, and he carries the terrible scythe Riftcarver in his fleshy hands.

Unholy Symbol

Deskari’s unholy symbol is a pair of crossed locust wings dripping with blood.


Deskari is said to be son of Pazuzu; he was born when Pazuzu breathed his first breath on the Material Plane. Historically, his cult was active in the barbarian nation of Sarkoris until his avatar and his followers were driven into the Lake of Mists and Veils by the god Aroden in one of his many miraculous deeds in 4433 AR. Aroden’s death and the coming of the Age of Lost Omens has allowed Deskari’s to reassert his influence in the region again in the much more obvious form of the Worldwound. In fact, numerous reports coming out of the Worldwound indicate that Deskari is spending more time there.

Cult and worshipers

Deskari’s cult is most powerful in the lands that once made up the realm of Sarkoris. This region is now the demonic wasteland of the Worldwound and as such no longer harbours many of Deskari’s mortal worshipers. Instead his cult seems to have spread into other northern nations infecting the nearby lands of Mendev, Numeria and Brevoy.

Religious text

Deskari’s unholy text is One Thousand Voices in My Flesh.


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