Wrath of the Righteous

A Lord's Concern

Kingdom Log

The newly minted Jarl Ironbrew stared at the map that Andariel had drawn for him. Of course the elf was also a great cartographer. Ragnor was constantly in awe of all of his companions varied skills.

He frowned as he looked at the map. The Marshlands had a dreary sound to it. The Jarldom would need a better name soon, he would ask his council for advice on this as well.

There was so much to do, to organize this land into a hammer ready to crush the demon horde. They needed to secure their hold on this land, but they also needed farms to survive, and wealth to help pay for the armies.

Queen Galfrey had promised aid, and Ragnor trusted his new Liege would come through. But it wasn’t enough, not with his plan to carve out a new land out of the Worldwound. It was time to reach out to his mother, and move forward with her plans of marriage. he was no longer a young lordling from an impoverished house, with titles only in paper. He was the newest noble of Mendev. Of course, he was still impoverished, he smiled wryly.

It was time to meet the council. As he walked into the main hall, he looked at his friends, the courageous men and women that would really run this knigdom. He had no doubts that he would need their aid at every turn. Ruling was always hard, but ruling in the middle of the Worldwound would make for a grand tale.

Of course, his main councilor would be none other than his closest and wisest companion, Bunduhr Ironaxe. He nodded to his old friend, who probably aleady knew what Ragnor had called this meeting for. He would be the Shield to his hammer.

His army would need a proven warleader, and he could think of no one better than General Irabeth Tirablade. The army trusted her, and he trusted her to keep the men safe and ready to fight.

The Tiefling kept his mysterious airs, but the truth is that Arkazar had manged to avoid Bunduhr cutting his head off, a feat that spoke volumes about his ability to persuade. He would make a good enough Grand Diplomat, and perhaps his ties to Cheliax might serve to bring some of the Southern kingdom’s armies to aid the Jarldom. Hellknight’s could be a nuisance, but they hated demon’s almost as much as Ragnor did.

Threkil as high priest, with Soziel as his right hand meant that the faithful would be well tended. The priest of the Sun Godess was more than capable of keeping the faith’s militant in check.

Tirdal would make a good Magister, specially with Aravashniel to aid him. Hopefully New Drezen would soon have enough artificers and mages who could help in the war.

The safety and enforcement of laws would be handled by Jestak and Aron, and Andariel’s blades would make sure the law was kept as well. Warden, Marshal and Enforcer, it would take all three of them to keep the Jarldom safe from cultists and spies. Anevia’s role as spymaster would be paramount as well.

He finally looked at his Tresurer. The wealth of the Jarldom was Horgus Gwerm’s responsibility. The man had changed from the scared survivor, into a determined man ready to aid in building a future for the Jarldom.

He cleared his throne as he took his seat at the head of the table. “We have much to do. You each know what is needed. But I have a task for Arkazar, Bunduhr and Threkil. We need a heir, and for that I need a wife. Reach out to my mother, and see what alliances are out there. Get me a wife, this land needs a future.”


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