Wrath of the Righteous

What is in a name?

Kingdom Log


The name rolled of the tongue, and it honored the real Hero of Kenabres. Without the Silver Dragon’s sacrifice and posthumous aid, none of them would have been alive to lead the liberation of Drezen.

Ragnor stared from the battlements towards the furious repairs that were been carried out. he hated demobilizing the Lost Legion, but he needed the manpower to rebuild the defenses of New Drezen.

He was concerned about the bandit attack on the Queen’s supply caravan. Supplies were tight enough, they couldn’t afford to loose any. He would ride out the enxt day, and deal with these bastards.

Ruling from the saddle was even more difficult than he thought, he would need a consort that could hold the throne while he was out dealing with threats.


LeslieWatt IanWatt

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