Wrath of the Righteous

The Forge
Bundühr Diaries

We had just slayed the vampire orc and we were waiting for it to crumble into dust, but the process was taking way too long. Bundühr and Threkil tried to remember a clue about it from their studies, and decided we needed to find the coffin. Sometimes, very powerful vampires that had lingered way too long in this life, were somehow binded to their coffins and thats needed to be exorcised in order to finally finish their undead existence.

Then Andariel sensed a tremor, almost an earthquake. All the dungeon was shaking, very slightly. Neither of the dwarfs sensed it. And they disregarded it as elf’s hallucination caused by sun light deprivation.
Meanwhile preparing himself for greater dangers, Arkazar asked Torag’s cleric to bless some stones and then started a long spell conjuring an Earth Elemental called Brøôk from the EEP.


The elf searched the vampire remains finding a suits of leather armor and a magic dagger.
We headed to the door from which the vampire came. It was the vampire’s office or studio, with a very fine carpet where almost hided in the shadow laid a dying man, with the vampire’s characteristic bite. Bundühr rushed and prayed Torag to Spare the dying man. Torag power healed him, but the long tortures he undergone had him exhausted, so he didn’t awake.


We searched the other doors finding other tortures chambers but no sign of doors or clues for the coffin. We headed to the office again, and the ranger searched under the fine carpet finding nothing like a concealed or secret passage. The rest of us started to search the shelves, for something like a secret door. Then the Sarenrae’s cleric asked what we were doing, and pointed the evident 2 millimeters of diameter gas passage that the vampire had used to pass the thick wall to the chamber of the coffin.


The warlock tiefling suggested to send Brøôk to destroy the coffin, but the complicated and sacred nature of the rituals involved wouldn’t be successful. Than he proposed to use his mage hand, showing us that he could open and close the coffin looking inside the chamber from the tiny passage but he couldn’t channel the divine power needed to exorcise the coffin.
Then another earthquake struck, this time the dwarf cleric perceived it, and the paladin confirmed it. Then Bundühr starting to anger himself prayed Torag to built a small door into the stone, just the right fit for the dwarves not had to kneel to pass it. Then with Threkil, they cleansed the coffin with sacred fire, holy water and a lot of special prayers.

Then we started to search information about the rescued man. Obviously to everybody sounded suspicious that we found him still alive. Then again a new earthquake struck the dungeon, this time everybody felt it, even the paladin that didn’t felt it, acknowledged the distress in the party members. Threkil and Arkazar were sure the quakes weren’t natural, but some kind of magic was going on. Then Bundühr recalled that Joran told, or we learnt from Staunton diary, that Chorussina wanted to destroy the city, and probably the quakes could be some kind of manifestation of the obscure and powerful ritual that she was setting up.


We headed to the other big doors in the hallway, it was sealed from inside, so, sure nothing was in there, we entered. It was another torture chamber with two small side rooms, one with force cages and magical runes shining actives somehow making a powerful anti-magic field inside of it. The other ones, guarding a room full of butterflies scratches on the walls, were off. Bundühr prayed Torag’s protection and entered the small cell, feeling instantly relieved from the unhallow power of the dungeon. Carved into the stone a pray to the lady of luck, evidently made by the missing succubus before escaping the prison, Desna’s power were to guid our quest.

The dwarven cleric read the prayer loud, then prayed Torag to locate the evil Chorussina. His arm twisted, swirled, swung around and finally pointed to the south east corner of the first chamber of the dungeon. A spray of butterflies and little hammers showed trough the air, following them we moved out of Desna’s haven, but right after leaving the cell, the magic disappeared, we felt another earthquake and estimated that we had maybe an hour before everything collapsed.


We headed to the location pointed by Torag with the help of the good friend Desna, and, as usual, Threkil stepped in to find the exact location of the secret door, this feat of him was very useful once again. We didn’t had time to deal with the complicated forms to open it, so Bundühr sounded the chime of opening. The secret door opened to a warm high underground terrace, with a ten-foot-wide cage that enclosed an elevated lift ready to descend. Chains and pulleys allowed the cage to be lowered down into the room or moved across the room to a double door at the far side of the chamber. The terrace and cage both overlooked a large room. Below, in the center of the room a large forge was red hot and guarded by 6 Fire Salamanders. Quickly Arkazar, Tirdal and Threkill shared their knowledge about the evil creatures. And we decided to attack from above.


Andariel fired arrows to the first approaching creature. Arkazar shouted “attack the fire creature Brøôk” and the earth elemental appeared from the wall beneath us and attacked the same approaching creature. With every hit the split blood of the fire creature procured wounds to the conjured elemental, meanwhile the Warlock blasted the creature sending it back 10 feet. The cage and distance supposed a doubled disadvantage to the dwarven throwing axe fighting style, so Ragnor opened the elevator lift and got on it. Meanwhile Bundühr prayed Torag’s Spiritual Warhammer to attack the first fire salamander, and he got on the elevator lift ready to descend into the room. As they answered our attacks with javelins and focusing on Brøôk now surrounded by the fire creatures, Threkil got on the elevator lift and manouvered it down. Tirdal answered their fire with Rays of Frost that make them suffer due to their cold vulnerability.


Then Andariel prayed Iomedae to guide his arrow with its lightining and hit them hard, Brøôk focused on the same salamander hitting it with its powerful strikes, while Arkazar blasted the hell out of them. Ragnor faced on melee one of the creature as Bundühr prayed Torag Spirit Guardians to help them and approached the midst of the fight to get them all. One of the evil creatures answered our attacks grappling Bundühr, and another one reached the far side double door and was disactivating a complicated system of runes clearly to unlock the door, while the others focused on Brøôk and Ragnor. Threkill attacked with Sarenrae’s Sacred Flames and called Sanenrae’s Spiritual Scimitar to attack the salamander. Tirdal keep hitting it hard with the Rays of Frost exploiting their vulnerability eliminating the first one.


Andariel kept firing arrows on them hitting them hard, while Arkazar attacked the one that kept Bundühr grappled sending it back another 20 feet back to the far side of the chamber, releasing the cleric from the deathly grapple. Brøôk brought severe wounds to another salamander attacking it with its slams. Ragnor kept fighting the one engaged with him and the Torag’s cleric attacked one of the elemental that were fighting Brøôk. Now the elementals made a last effort, most of them severly wounded, one grappled Ragnor, one grappled Brøôk, each with their tails, another one attacked the terrace with javelins, while a fourth one approached again to attack the earth elemental slowed down by Torag’s Spirits and the last one kept breaking sigils. Then, Threkill channeled Sarenrae’s power to heal Ragnor, Tirdal frosted the ass of the salamander that grappled the paladin killing it.


Andariel and Arkazar finished the salamander that grappled Brøôk while the elemental killed the other one fighting with it and reached the one on the door. Ragnor finished the salamander that attacked the terrace and advanced toward the one on the door. Bundühr reached the door surrounding the last salamander with Torag’s Spirits Guardians. The evil reptile kept breaking the sigils and finally opened the last one.Threkill attacked again with Sacred Flames and took the elevator lift up. Tirdal attacked the salamander with Ray of Frost hitting it hard.


Then Andariel took the final shoot on the Fire Salamander, than everybody kept ready for what could come from inside.

Keeping an eye to the door, we make sure no other evil was left in the forge chamber. Bundühr, Tirdal and Arkazar studied how to disable temporarily the Forge reading the waves of arcane and divine magic binded to the Forge. The unhallow of the dungeon was focused on the Forge and disabling it could restore the divine powers down there. Heavily wounded Ragnor took a potion of healing, feeling the exhaustion of the heat of the Forge reached the terrace and ordered a retreat to Desna’s haven, so Threkill could cure him with Sarenrae’s full divine grace. They took just a pair of minutes to came back to the Forge room gate, keeping the search for Chorussina and the Sword of Valor. Kenny sloppily falled into the forge burning instantly in dust disappearing between the melten metals.

The Dungeon Cells
Bundühr Diaries

First thing we did in the morning after praying Torag and have a good meal, was recover all the spoils of the evil dwarfs from unfaithfull hands.
Andariel accepted to gave the maps and other war documents retrieved with no problems, as long she had time to copy them for her use in the scoutings of the worldwound.
Arkazar didn’t wanted to return Staunton’s diary. His attitude was very suspicious, he argued the book twisted Staunton‘s mind because of being a dwarf, an impossible like Jorah told us, Staunton was tempted by a demon and finally choosed to join their cause. Then he argued that Threkill should have the book to study it and keep it safe, with the high probability to lost it forever, given to a beggar or sacrificed to the sun. Finally he sounded particularly convinced by Bundühr’s power and faith in Torag to reasonably gave it to the cleric, but now everybody is suspicious about him.
Ragnor introduced a new member to the team, Tirdal, an Aasimar, who didn’t speak dwarf and was willing to join us in our quest. His motivations wasn’t made clear, neither how he contacted Ragnor. Being that the celestial creature was willing to join us, so with Torag‘s favor we took him among us.
With renewed strengths we entered the citadel and reached the stairway to the dungeon. We entered the dungeon and arrived to a locked door. Bundühr sounded the magic chime to open it. It opened to a large hall with many cells and two rooms with many torture instruments. In front of us was a large double door.
We reached an hallway with more cells, when we arrived at half way exploring it, from inside some cells appeared four wraiths that attacked us.
Andariel with her mighty rapier attacked succesfully one of them, and Arkazar took advantage to kill it with his blasts. Bundühr channeled the power of Torag against the undead, frightening one of them and sending Torag’s spiritual hammer to attack another one. We found the Unhallow of the Citadel was heavier down there, and our radiant power was hampered. Threkill nevertheless cast Protection from Evil to Ragnor, while the spirits protected by the grids cells avoided the paladin’s attacks. Finally Tirdal conjured a full plate armor with awesome powers.
Then we took down the others: Arkazar showed up and hit them hard with his blasts, while Andariel danced through them slayin’em all, Bundühr attacked them with Torag’s flame hammers, Threkill cast on them Sun Flames, and Tirdal attacked them with some mighty fire bolts as Ragnor swung Radiance hitting the cell bars.
We headed toward the surviving one, intending to avoid it to came in worst times. We followed the frightened wraith into another chamber with cells, where appeared four vampirespawns. They attacked us with crossbow and then they hided into the cells.
Andariel lifted the cells bars, Arkazar blasted a fireball on them, Ragnor and Bundühr headed toward them, Threkill channeled Sarenrae‘s powers to turn the undead, frightening a vampire and again the wraith, while Tirdal showed his mighty powers with fire bolts.
Andariel took the first vampire in melee, but the evil undead grappled her and took her inside the cell. With the help of Arkazar, Threkill and Tirdal powers attacking it, Andariel released herself and slayed it in two assaults. Ragnor reached the second vampire and punished his undead unexistance. Bundühr took the third vampire, with Torag’s spiritual hammer. Casting Torag’s Flame Hammers on the undead he reached it into its cell, but the evil vampire grappled him.
Then Ragnor slayed the second and cleaved on the third, and Bundühr realeased himself as the vampire fought back the paladin assault. Ragnor took the vampire down with a final blown.
Then, Bundühr grabbed a javelin from Ragnor‘s back and splitted it in half with Fiendsplitter to make two stakes to be nailed into the hearts of the vampires. Passed one stakes to Tirdal but Arkazar took it from the hands of the half-celestial and nailed it into the vampire heart. Threkill focused on deliver radiant damage on the defeated vampires to avoid them from recovery, us we stabbed them with the stakes.
Ragnor faced the fourth vampire and all us reached him in the fight killing it fast and furiously.
The last standing was the wraith that with ease we dealt with.
Then we headed toward a double door we passed by in the hallway. We opened the doors to a decending stair, that opened on a great room. There waiting in the dark two vrocks attacked us, in the door frame, one with its demonic screech the other with its beak and talons .
We answered their attacks, Andariel shooting arrows, Bundühr and Ragnor facing them with dwarven stance, Threkill, Arkazar and Tirdal attacking them with their powers. Then from the side rooms came two other vampirespawn and a vampire orc. The vampire orc cast Hold Person on Ragnor and Tirdal, and Ragnor resisted it. Arkazar blasted a fireball hitting the orc making him loose the concentration on the hold. Tirdal set a wall of fire on the Vrocks avoiding them to stand on the door not letting us came inside. The evil demons and their undead servants retreated to the back wall escaping from the mighty wall of fire. Then Tirdal casted a ice storm spell hitting them hard.
We regrouped and entered the room as Tirdal let fade the magic Wall. Ragnor casted upon himself a haste spell and attacked the evil orc vampire with great power. Andariel took the vrock apart while Threkill focused his magic on attacking it with the sun flames, Arkazar with his blasts put an hex on it. Tirdal casted upon them his mighty fire bolts hitting them very hard. Bundühr joined Ragnor in the attack to the evil undead leader with Fiendsplitter and Torag’s spritual weapon.
Clearly we got them unprepared, and we kept them cornered against the back wall. We slayed them all with Ragnor hasted powerfull critical attacks, Andariel wirlwind of rapier attacks, Threkill sun flames, Torag’s spiritual warhammer and Fiendsplitter thirst, Arkazar blasts and the mighty Tirdal’s fire bolts.

Treasure, Information and Losses
Andariel's Log

The battle against Staunton Vhane was won, but there still was work to do, the Sword of Valor is still missing. We need to go down in to lower dungeon to retrieve it. We were exhausted after all the fighting, so we decided to block the door into the lower levels, and instead investigate the remaining rooms of the ground floor.

Staunton Vhane’s brother Joran Vhane surrendered to his fate, he laid down his arms before the end of the fight and awaited judgement. There was history there with my companions Bundühr Ironaxe Ironbrew and Ragnor Ironbrew. I left them to resolve their issues in privacy. I dont know exactly what happened but Joran is not dead (shock!), not in chains (more shock!), and seems to be following Bunduhr orders. Redeemed? I trust the judgement of my dwarven companions.

Meanwhile Arkazar and me proceeded to investigate the couple of rooms left, the office and quarters of Staunton. We found several maps, the journal of Staunton, and a chest with gold and gems.

I attach a summary of Staunton Vhane’s journal.
Staunton Vhane’s Journal

The most pressing matter of the journal was that Maranse was dead. He was the insane crusader we found before. His body was left with a succubus named Kiranda. We had sent him back to camp in the company of Kilo, Anevia Tirabade, and some scouts. Clearly, whoever we sent was not Maranse and it was probably the succubus. We went back to camp only to found out that they had never arrived and contact was lost with Anevia. We had to rush back! Before we could leave Anevia arrived with some wounded and dead scouts, but no Kilo. Kiranda had taken all by surprise, he killed or incapacitated the party. I investigated the scene, followed the tracks only to find they vanished. They had teleported out. Bundühr sought guidance from Torag about Kilo’s whereabouts. He was far away, at Raliscrad! Captured but alive, at the mercy of the succubus.

We had to rest now. The Sword of Valor still needs to be recovered!

Note to self:
While everyone was still sleeping and I had finished my trance, I had a chance to try more of my new set of armor. And now I look goood!


Rant 'n Drezen
Bundühr Diaries

The mad crazy mongrel Vhane is dead! Finally a great victory for the Terendelev’s Heirs.
Now we must deal with his leftovers, first his brother. Jorah is evil, twisted and faithless, Ragnor stood strong to spare his life, I don’t know if now he is of the same idea.
After Nurah’s and Kilo’s treason, what else could be wrong, we may get up one night to found our guards sleeping, or our beer was made water.
Kenny died again, we are lacking supply of diamonds to bring him back to life again, maybe Kilo or Nurah had taken them.
The crazy swashbuckler wasn’t one but a succubus and probably twisted the easy mind of the gnome to help it escape, but who trust a gnome nowadays.
With Torag’s help we had arrived to this moment, some evil demons lingers down in the dungeon of the Citadel, we must be fast to not let it grow in power and strike it right now, before it can act a contingency plan on the Sword of Valor.

The faithless dwarf (Kilo's missing)
Bundhür diary

We were exhausted and with few strengths left but we were victorious at last. Ragnor roaring triumphantantly over the dead body of our long time enemy the evil Staunton Vhane. Feeling the blodthirst rage Threkill headed to the defeated brother Jorah, whom was kneeled in front of an altar, his head between his hands, lost, faithless, broken. But Threkill stopped, called by his God to gave him mercy.

We all thought it should be done. Mercy and a fair cut trough his neck, was what he deserved for his treason to our kin.

Then Ragnor came, everyone else left the room leaving the evil dwarf to the paladin and his cleric Bundühr. Ragnor approached the defeated dwarf, Radiance was in his hands, he drew sparks by dragging the blade of the mighty battleaxe across the stone floor. Ragnor offered him mercy, but he also offered redemption, to help us defeating the demons and regain his status as a dwarf worthy of his name. Bundühr was shocked, he was absolutely against this crazy idea. Ragnor had been softened by the human and elven gods was the only reason the dwarven cleric could find. The two dwarfs argued a lot, the broken evil dwarf still sobbing and mumbling of living a life where everyone has failed him.

That was the sparkle Bundühr couldn’t accept, that dwarf had wandered blind to Torag greatness for long enough. He will show him The Forger’s might and then the dwarf could do whatever he pleased with his life, The Father would enlighten the right way. Bundühr agreed to accept him back between dwarvenkind, when Jorah had redeemed the evil forge they were using to corrupt the magic items.

Ragnor accepted the conditions and Jorah’s life was spared. Bundühr imposed on him a geas to respect Torag’s laws and help us on defeating the demons.

Meanwhile Andariel, Threkill and Arkazar searched the rooms finding Staunton appartments and his diary. Arkazar read it, giving the others a short briefing.

Then Jorah started to talk, he told us his story, he didn’t regret all the malicious act he did in the past. But showed some remorse when he put more faith on demons than on dwarfs. He talked about his arrival to Drezen, searching knowledge and power the demons were offering him through his brother Staunton. He told about some major events in Drezen’s recent history, he talked about Staunton’s inside agent Nurah (traitor), and finally he talked about a demon who kidnapped some years ago the good Mance, and how it had taken away the swashbuckler’s life, just to throw his body to a succubus named Kiranda. That was a major event, inmediately we decided to go back to the camp to check for Kilo and the others. A new treason was ongoing.

We arrived just to learn that Kilo never came back to the camp with Anevia, whom’s group was missing. Ragnor called Speck, Bundühr took a mule and Andariel took the lead. We were ready to start the search and Anevia arrived heavily bruised with the bodies of two of her scouts, RedShirt and Kenny, oh poor Kenny lost by the treachery of the treason’s traitor.

Anevia Tirabade took us to the place of the attack. There Kiranda managed to escape somehow. It stunned them and killed the two scouts that resisted its attack. We followed its tracks some yards then they seemed to vanish. Ragnor asked Bundühr what he could do to track the whereabouts of the loyal servant Kilo. Bundühr very last resource was ask The Father for a direct answer. The cleric fell in a long pray, chanting and smithing with his hammer with faith, in trance Bundühr prayed Torag where was Kilo, the thundering voice of The Father of Creation sounded through the cleric’s mouth with the answer.

Andariel's Log

Traitor in our midst!
For days now we knew there was a traitor in our army. Missing inventory and the moral being undercut were the more clear signs.
The prime suspects were Nurah Dendiwhar, Sosiel Vaenic, and Aron Kir. Our previous companions like Irabeth Tirabade or Anevia Tirabade had our confidence. Ragnor suspected Sosiel of being the traitor and I suspected Nurah. Bunduhr suspected everyone I think, like usual.
My initial suspicion of Nurah started with her thinking she was prettier than me, and who thinks that!? Also she was reaaaaal friendly real fast with our commander Ragnor. So I entrusted myself to keep an eye on Nurah. For days I followed Nurah whenever possible, usually after dark. I found no hard evidence of my suspicion, only hints of dodgy behavior. Every night she went to her tent, only to disappear without a trace. Her arcane magics and magic elven boots were a big help to elude my vigilance
As I could not confirm anything we continued with our mission, but my suspicions never stopped. Personally I was angry at myself for being unable to get a clear answer.
Worst of all, my personal diary was found by the traitor and several entries were taken. The last entry that still remained was just before destroying the Wardstone in Kenabres.

Brief Recap for my record:
We finished clearing the keep in Kenabres, in the final battle I managed to struck the Wardstone with the rod. The stone was destroyed, and we were flooded with divine visions. In the aftermath we all experience a visit in our sleep by Iomedae herself.
In the following days we were visited by Queen Galfrey, who entrusted us the liberation of Drezen. With a small army of paladins with Ragnor as army general we were to infiltrate the Worldwound and lay siege Drezen. After several days of march, in which we encountered a couple of tiefling and cultist armies we arrived to the outskirts of Drezen. The siege began.
We dispatched the two armies protecting the keep. Liberated a contigent of captured soldiers and crusaders. In addition in preparation for the final assault we sabotaged the catapults and the bridges over a now dry riverbed. We also had to kill the beast of Drezen, a demonic enhanced chimera. Finally we cleared the local graveyard of undesirable undead.
Inside the keep three armies were awaiting: demons, tieflings, and cultists. We made our push with our paladin army and our newly liberated reinforcements. Victory was ours! Now only the citadel was left.
An army incursion inside the citadel was not viable, so a small strike team (us: Ragnor, Bunduhr, Threckil, Kilo, Nurah, and me) entered.
End of recap.

Inside the citadel we met heavy resistance. Half-orcs, cultists, gargoyles, and obviously demons. Clearing the first floor we met with two characters worth mentioning. Jestak a barbarian who had a lust for battle which we enlisted to our cause (we basically promised more battles, and to win them). And Arkazar, an albino tiefling who was held captive. He insisted to come with us, which was a little suspicious considering. It could be a rouse to gain our trust and then betray us. But he provided some information about the remaining layout of the citadel. In addition a long lost crusader was found in the brink of insanity. For his own sake I requisitioned his magnificent rapier, he could hurt himself with it. In addition I acquired a magic elven chain mail. It is not as comfortable as my old trusted studded leather, but it seems to provide the same amount of protection in the end. The main benefit is that it can appear as a different kind of armor. Right now I change to look as a full plate embroidered with symbols of Iomedae.


Now I arrive at the important part. The traitor.

It was Nurah!! I knew it!!

Kilo was sent to our army with the mad crusader, so our party now consisted of Ragnor, Bunduhr, Threckil, Arkazar, Nurah, and me. Two potential traitors did not bode well.
We cleared easily a room with four demons. The next room would be a challenge if we were to trust Arkazar. We prepared ourselves and charged in. Our stealthy approach of using the portable battering ram alerted the two guarding evil demon minotaurs of hell. So my quick entry was met with a couple of readied attacks from them. After this two, another two came in. A real battle was at hand. In the midst at first I didn’t notice that Nurah had disappeared. In battles she was not helpful, so it wasn’t more suspicious than usual for her.
After the next two minotaurs we met another three, this time accompanied by Staunton Vhane’s brother. I chased this evil cleric only to be met by none other than Nurah with Staunton Vhane himself, and more guarding evil minotaurs from hell (in full plates this time). The traitor was revealed at last! I proceeded to chase down Nurah, for me it was personal. Staunton Vhane had to wait. Unfortunately I did not count on Nurah being such a coward bitch, she went invisible again! My frustration was too great, as a consolation I proceeded to stabby mc stab the hell out of Staunton, who was in an epic paladin/antipaladin duel vs Ragnor. It was a tough battle in which everyone gave it all. Arkazar proved himself by throwing blasts non-stops. Threckil went down only to be brought back to battle by Bunduhr. Bunduhr in addition went toe to toe with the demons, wielding his newly acquired battleaxe Fiendsplitter. Threckil came back channeling the full power of Sarenrae, healing with all his ability refusing to let anyone else go down. Ragnor unleashed all his holy might through Radiance in a battle long awaited against Staunton. Obviously I was the MVP as usual, my blades penetrated all defenses and my speed was unmatched. Although I did take a couple of hits.

Staunton Vhane’s brother hid in an adjacent room in the middle of the fight, and refused to keep fighting. He had given up. Now we are resting, while the interrogation must begin.

The Death of a Traitor

“Liberator Song”

Ah, ah.

We come from the land of the fire and stone,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

Hammer of the gods will drive us to old land.
To fight the horde and sing, and cry.
Drezen, I am coming.

Always fight with, with towering shield.
Our only goal will be to win the Field.

Ah, ah.

We come from the land of the fire and stone,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

How soft your fields so green. Can whisper tales of gore.
Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.

Always fight with, with towering shield.
Our only goal will be to win the Field.

So now we’d better stop and rebuild all our ruins.
For peace and trust can win the day despite of all past losing.

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh
Ooh. Ah.
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

The song hammered in rhythm with Ragnor’s panting breath, and he could feel Atêsh* pulsing with the glory of victory as well. The hammer itself had sung of glory and light as it awakened in victory.

The battle had been hard fought, and he couldn’t have survived if not for the aid of all his friends. Faithful Bundühr’s steadying presence had helped hold the line. Andariel’s whirling blades had cut down demon after demon, her speed a glorious complement to the dwarven wall. The half-elf’s command of the sun’s healing powers were probably the only reason they were still alive. Threkil might not be a dwarf, but he was stubborn as one when it came to standing against it’s foes.

And if not for Arkazar´s deadly arcane power, the tide would certainly have turned. Especially after Nurah’s betrayal, which still rankled in Ragnor’s mind. Fortunately his faith in her had been compensated with his trust in Arkazar. Bundühr had always questioned Ragnor’s ease in trusting others, but in truth it had brought more allies than foes. It was a dangerous balance, but the dwarf Lord truly believed that the only way to ultimately defeat the Demons was to gather as many allies as possible. Suspicion had caused the fall of Drezen, but it would be Loyalty that would help raise it back again.

As he shook the last of the demon gore off Atêsh, his eyes finally rested on the body of the real villain, Staunton Vhane. So much of his life had been spent thinking of what he would say when he finally faced the man responsible for the fall of Drezen. He ahd been unprepared for the rage that had filled his heart. Torag had gifted him with a will of steel in pursuit of holy vengeance, but he had almost lost that discipline after Vhane’s words about his father. It had taken every last drop of willpower to avoid been consumed by the bloodlust. The path of Holy Vengeance was one with many perils, but probably non greater than allowing revenge to become selfish retribution. If it had not been for his friend’s, he might have foregone all in his desire to destroy.

They had defeated the traitor of Drezen, but something told him that some greater danger still remained.

  • Atêsh = Radiance
The battle of Drezen
Bundhür diary

With Torag‘s blessing we kept investigating the Citadel looking to find the evil traitor of Staunton Vhane and the great Sword of Valor. We set free the tiefling who introduced himself as Arkazar, letting him his rod but no weapons or armors of any kind, we kept him close, we were sure that his twisted nature would deceive on us.
We entered a great room were four thoxels were waiting us, prepared to fight to death. Andariel, Threkill and Bundühr took one. Ragnor the next one and Arkazar cast fireball on them as they shoot some bolts on him.
The evil demons approached the warlock and poisoned him making him more uncooperative and selfish. The Paladin felt the poison attack him too, but he resisted it, inspired by Torag powers imbued by Bundühr on him.
Then Ragnor took down the third, and approached the fourth as it was heading to a door, to shout the alarm or flee away. The demon couldn’t accomplish its task because Threkill javelin throw and Andariel spring attack gave Torag’s paladin time to finish it.

Then we rest a bit, just to regain our breathe, we check the room and found a closed door. We open the door with a dwarven portable ram, and it was just a supplies storage. Then we headed to the door the toxhel was trying to reach. We checked it, and the door was open and at the other side were preparing for the fight yet to come.

We prepared ourself with Sarenrae‘s bless and Torag’s protection from evil, then we opened the doors. At the other side two minotaur demons were set to attack us from each side of the doors.

Andariel entered first to attack one of the foes and received its readied attacks, then the dwarfs entered the action and dealt very fast with them. The protection from evil made the demons take a reckless stance, which gave us advantage on them. One minotaur took a step back and charged Bundühr sending him back and laying prone on the floor. Arkazar attacked this minotaur with blasts that made it retreat with each hit additionally putting an hex on him. Arkazar started to look involved in the team and of some use, but then Nurah disappeared without any clue of where to find her, probably she was made invisible by the warlock to betray us.

After the two minotaurs came other two, one was cornered with Andariel, Ragnor and Bundühr and sent to the forge very fast too. The other one again charged recklessly Ragnor. But the dwarf paladin was too hard to push back. Then a dwarf, not Staunton Vhane, but familiar, probably his brother, hushed into the room followed by three vroks.

Arkazar cast a fireball on them, as one of the demons reached us on the corner and shouted his scream of demonic despair. This let Bundühr and Arkazar stunned, then the evil dwarf prayed his evil god and put a silence to Bundühr’s praying and left the room, letting the vroks take care of us.

But he wasn’t counting on our cool temper. Andariel put her hunter’s mark on him and followed the dwarf into the other room throwing his knives to him. She stepped into the next room just to find the traitor that showed her treachery and attacked her with a sling shot. With Bundühr silenced Threkill prayed Sarenrae guardians spirit for help and walked through the three vrocks to attack them, restraining them and hurting them with radiant power.

Then the vrocks focused theirs attacks on the Sarenrae’s cleric while on the other room showed up Staunton Vhane and hit his brother very hard. So the evil cleric lost the concentration and released the silence. Then the wounded dwarf hided himself in another small room. Ragnor finished the vrocks with a cleave and advanced up to meet with Staunton Vhane. Andariel focused herself on attacking Nurah, but the halfling traitor managed to escape downstairs into the dungeon. With Staunton arrived two other minotaur demons with full plate suits of armor. We all concentrate our effort on the dwarf antipaladin as he put all his attacks on Ragnor, swearing to take him down to hell.

Threkill put himself in the midst of the fight to attack the minotaurs and Vhane with the spirit guardians, and he received several attacks so he fell down unconscious. Then Bundühr prayed Torag to cure him and Threkill came back to life and the fight. Ragnor received a lot of damage from Staunton’s attacks so Threkill started to cure him with Sarenrae‘s prays. While the dwarf antipaladin was hitting Ragnor, Threkill was there to cure him. We all kept attacking the evil dwarf. Bundühr, without any other prayers, released Fiendsplitter Torag’s Spiritual Warhammer and attacked him with three attacks, then Ragnor finally took the final blow and finished him.

Finally we dealt very fast the two minotaur demons.

A mad man and a damned tiefling
Bundhür diary

We entered the east side of the citadel, here we fought with a good number of fireball thrower minotaur demons.
Ragnor and Bundühr made the front line, giving the forge vengeance to those twisted beings. With the help of Torag’s spiritual warhammer, and Torag guardians, Radiance power, Fiendsplitter thirst, Kilo‘s sneaky arrows, and Andariel hunter’s marked slashes we deal with them. Threkill again fell in a frenzy bloodthirst rage and put himself in dangerous positions on the battlefield. Only our efficiency in the fight gave him the defense against his mad will.
From inside the citadel we started to hear shoutings and curses from a mad tortured man, then we found a man, laying in a bed, chained to the wall. Some of us recognized him as a long lost Kenabre’s swashbuckler hero, Nura agreed with us. But when we released him he still was aggressive, until Torag’s prays broke the enchantments that had kept him crazy. He wanted to join us to cleanse the citadel, but we offered him to rest in our camp, to regain his will and strength, we escorted him outside and leaved him to a sentinels round.
Then we explored the other rooms and we found a tiefling in a prisoner cell. He prayed us, to give him freedom, claiming he was captured by the demons in an exploration adventure with some friends in the border of the worldwound. All of his claims were very suspicious, but without any other alternative we decided to release him. He presented himself as Arkazar. He sounded well intentioned but with something suspicious amongst himself, he even understood dwarvish, maybe because of his services to Vhane? He was an albino tiefling a wellknown rare and malicious deformation of a yet deformed and doomed race.
He offered to join us to explore the citadel, offering his help and insights of the place, argueing he was transferred many times from the underground cells to these. I called Torag to read his mind, but with an unexpected willpower he resisted it. It made it no more suspicious but neither more innocent. As we say “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” we agreed to his offers of help.
Meanwhile, Kenny was bored, swinging the chain, and he got inside a cell. It was a trap and he disappeared into the void.

Southwestern Garrison
Bundühr Diaries

We rested in the magical protected armory, then recovered from the exhaustion of the day before we started to explore again the Citadel.
We reached to a parapet were many dead tieflings received the army attack, and we found a good resource of arrows and some old unused and cold tar.
Then we headed to the southwestern garrison. Here Threkill listened to a conversation from the other side of the doors.
We prepare to battle and entered the room. After breaking the doors, I declaimed the presence of our lord and leader of Drezen, Ragnor, and demanded the immediate surrender of anyone in the Citadel, they didn’t spoke dwarvish, and they answered with an alarm shout, “Jestak we have intruders, they are here”.
Inside the garrison there were 4 cultists, 4 tieflings, 3 orcs. In the next hall, answering the call, there was Jestak a barbarian half-orc woman, barely dressed, with no armor more than a short cape and an adamantium greatsword, clearly, a weapon of awe and power.
Andariel, rushed inside the room and killed the first cultist with some fast rapier slashes, the others lost souls were attacking us with crossbows, and approaching from inside to the garrison hall. Kilo hiding from behind Ragnor killed a tiefling with a good arrow. Meanwhile Bundühr entered the room, called for the spirit of Torag guardians and attacked a tiefling.
At the same time, Threkill were in the first line of battle, at Bundühr side, as we never had saw him, shouting out words of battle, like in a frenzy bloodthirst rage. Ragnor established fight in melee with the tieflings, but that took him to fight between the main hall and the garrison to avoid the orcs bolts, were the tieflings blocked him.
I prayed Torag to paralyze the raging half-orc loosing the forger’s spirit guardians, but the barbarian resisted my prays and hit me very badly. I was forced to recoil, and cure myself in the midst of the battle. Threkill dismissed his interest in the barbarian to focus on the orcs, while finally Ragnor got rid of his defenders and reached Andariel to fight the barbarian invoking Torag’s powers and focusing his vow of vengeance on her.
Finally Kilo shooted right into her nipple, defeating her.
The orcs surrendered but Threkill thrilled by the bloodthirst kept attacking them, he swung his warhammer hitting Kenny and killing him instantly. Then Ragnor had to interpose between him and the surrenders, intimidating the Sarenrae cleric. I sensed his lost of faith and reason due to the exposition to the worldwound influxes. We asked Torag for guidance, but we must rest to pray for his soul.
With Ragnor we took the barbarian to the armory to interrogate her, while Andariel, Kilo and Threkill went to the army camp to leave the other surrendered prisoners.
Ragnor interrogation made Jestak talk. She told us about Vhane wereabouts, a forge where Vhane was corrupting magic items with his brother aid, and a seneschal that dwells under the citadel in a dungeon. Finally we took a next step of faith, enrolling her into the army, giving her a unique opportunity to redeem herself. We left her with Irabeth and come back to the Citadel.


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