Wrath of the Righteous

Party Ledger, page 1

The following is an except of the Adventuring Ledger, kept by Ragnor Ironbrew and his companions.

16 Arodus, 4713 AR

Discovered Items
- 6 silver scales belonging to the fallen Dragon Terendelev recovered from debris.
- Brooch with noble family name found in remains of a camping ground in a cave.
- Explorer’s backpack with 1 week rations, hemp rope and 1 cure potion (consumed) discovered on ledge.
- Vial of cave viper venom recovered from the dead beast.

Andariel Nailo (Nightbreeze) 2x Giant Maggots
Ragnor Ironbrew 2x Giant Roaches; 1x Cave Viper


GOAL: Destroy
*Areelu Vorlesh

Current Objective: Protect the survivors of the cave collapse, get them to the surface and rejoin the battle to defeat the demon host.

Anevia Tirabade
Horgus Gwerm
Template Tank

Andariel Adventure Log 1
The Beginning (of the End?)

I am Andariel Nailo, and I am writing this journal as I and my fellow adventurers roam through the underground tunnels beneath Kenabres. Hopefully it will serve as information for future reference about what went down in Kenabres, whether we survive or not. But let me start at the beginning. I was in Kenabres after a scouting mission along the border of the Worldwound. The scouting mission was boring, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Back in town I needed some time to relax and Armasse was a great opportunity. The city wide celebration was always a bright day in otherwise mostly grim years. Lots of celebrating around, sometimes in excess. Personally I was looking forward to take a chance in the dueling ring, it is always fun and I usually make to final rounds earning some gold. At midday I was chilling at the Clydwell Plaza waiting for Lord Hulrun to make his yearly speech. I think his speeches are dull, but it is my duty to at least be in the square when he is talking. Everything went wrong when Lord Hulrun began his speech. An explosion in the distance followed by explosions in the city! Before anyone could react the church blew up right in front of me! And there he was, the Storm Lord (or King?). A huge dude sword and whip in hand surrounded in lightning. In addition demons began arriving, Invasion in Kenabres! Luckily the protector of the city the silver dragon Terendelev was amongst the crowd and went full on attack on the Strom King. Personally I prepare to repel the demon hordes. The two collide and the Storm King manages to kill Terendelev, so much for the protector of the city. Next I know the ground gives away beneath me, lucky me. As I fall into the pit I see that Terendelev sees me and with his dying breath slows my fall into the unknown. I wake up in a dark cavern, unharmed thanks to Terendelev. No demons in the vicinity. I check the rest of the survivors. Along with me the dragon saved 5 people. Until now only three managed to be useful: a dwarf paladin Ragnor Ironbrew, a dwarf cleric Bundühr Ironaxe Ironbrew, and a half-elf cleric of Sarenrae Threkil. For now I don't know why Terendelev saved the other two. First a human fighter which seems like he can take a hit but he kept a low profile and out of danger, what a wuss. Secondly a gnome which seems kinda shady (as most gnomes), who kept tailing the noble, for his money probably. There were other three survivors. Anevia Tirabade a human scout that I knew from my work as scout with the church of Iomedae. I can vouch for her, she should help us in this situation. She was injured in a leg (it was crushed by a rock), which was healed by Bundühr Ironaxe Ironbrew but will need further treatment if she is to walk properly again. Aravashnial an elf wizard who was badly injured, he was slashed in the face. Specifically in the eyes, he went blind. Threkil healed him but he was still blind. Finally a human noble Horgus Gwerm. He was very interested in going back quickly to the surface. He needs to chill a bit, we need to be cautious. The gnome seems to follow him around. We took some time for everyone to recover. In the meantime Threkil and I gave the best burial we could to the poor people that died in the fall and are scattered throughout the cave. Iomedae please take care of their souls.. After the rest we began exploring the cave. I scout ahead because the rest is too damn noisy, specially the paladin but he makes it up by hammering the enemies. First we discover some loose scales of Terendelev which have some unknown magical properties. Bundühr Ironaxe Ironbrew, Ragnor Ironbrew, and Threkil help me with the creatures we encounter. We dispatch 2 giant maggots, 2 giant cockroaches, and 1 snake. Finally we arrived at a big opening…

We had one fatality on our journey, but it was not our fault! There was a tremor and some rocks fell from the ceiling. Almost all did not get hit, but unfortunately for Kenny a big one cracked his skull.

Armasse! Kenabres celebrates!

For several weeks, excitement has been building in Kenabres – Armasse is coming! Traditionally an opportunity for scholars and priests to come together to study the lessons of history from wars past, since Aroden’s death, this holy day has become more about training commoners in weaponry, choosing squires, and ordaining new priests. Over time, Armasse has grown to encompass jousting competitions, mock duels, battle reenactments, and other festival events. In Kenabres, the festival (which takes place on 16 Arodus) is eagerly anticipated, for it provides distractions from the horrors of being on the front line of the war. Smiles on faces normally marred by downcast eyes and furrowed brows do wonders for city morale in the weeks leading up to the event.

Armasse is a citywide celebration, but the majority of the event, including its jousting matches and other entertainments, take place at Clydwell Plaza, just west of the cathedral. The celebration officially begins at noon, with the blessing of the festival performed by Lord Hulrun himself, the ruler of Kenabres.

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