Wrath of the Righteous

Southwestern Garrison
Bundühr Diaries

We rested in the magical protected armory, then recovered from the exhaustion of the day before we started to explore again the Citadel.
We reached to a parapet were many dead tieflings received the army attack, and we found a good resource of arrows and some old unused and cold tar.
Then we headed to the southwestern garrison. Here Threkill listened to a conversation from the other side of the doors.
We prepare to battle and entered the room. After breaking the doors, I declaimed the presence of our lord and leader of Drezen, Ragnor, and demanded the immediate surrender of anyone in the Citadel, they didn’t spoke dwarvish, and they answered with an alarm shout, “Jestak we have intruders, they are here”.
Inside the garrison there were 4 cultists, 4 tieflings, 3 orcs. In the next hall, answering the call, there was Jestak a barbarian half-orc woman, barely dressed, with no armor more than a short cape and an adamantium greatsword, clearly, a weapon of awe and power.
Andariel, rushed inside the room and killed the first cultist with some fast rapier slashes, the others lost souls were attacking us with crossbows, and approaching from inside to the garrison hall. Kilo hiding from behind Ragnor killed a tiefling with a good arrow. Meanwhile Bundühr entered the room, called for the spirit of Torag guardians and attacked a tiefling.
At the same time, Threkill were in the first line of battle, at Bundühr side, as we never had saw him, shouting out words of battle, like in a frenzy bloodthirst rage. Ragnor established fight in melee with the tieflings, but that took him to fight between the main hall and the garrison to avoid the orcs bolts, were the tieflings blocked him.
I prayed Torag to paralyze the raging half-orc loosing the forger’s spirit guardians, but the barbarian resisted my prays and hit me very badly. I was forced to recoil, and cure myself in the midst of the battle. Threkill dismissed his interest in the barbarian to focus on the orcs, while finally Ragnor got rid of his defenders and reached Andariel to fight the barbarian invoking Torag’s powers and focusing his vow of vengeance on her.
Finally Kilo shooted right into her nipple, defeating her.
The orcs surrendered but Threkill thrilled by the bloodthirst kept attacking them, he swung his warhammer hitting Kenny and killing him instantly. Then Ragnor had to interpose between him and the surrenders, intimidating the Sarenrae cleric. I sensed his lost of faith and reason due to the exposition to the worldwound influxes. We asked Torag for guidance, but we must rest to pray for his soul.
With Ragnor we took the barbarian to the armory to interrogate her, while Andariel, Kilo and Threkill went to the army camp to leave the other surrendered prisoners.
Ragnor interrogation made Jestak talk. She told us about Vhane wereabouts, a forge where Vhane was corrupting magic items with his brother aid, and a seneschal that dwells under the citadel in a dungeon. Finally we took a next step of faith, enrolling her into the army, giving her a unique opportunity to redeem herself. We left her with Irabeth and come back to the Citadel.

Dining Hall
Bundühr Diaries

We rest in Torag’s chapel then decided to explore the east side of the keep.
We first found a chamber used as mass grave then we found the kitchen and the larder, then we searched access to a room with many doors but all the ones we checked were closed.
Then we found a large dining hall with little recent use and finally we found the garrison. Obviously something gone wrong in here, everything is torn apart and destroyed, Bundühr Ironaxe Ironbrew tryed to undestand the pieces of bodies we started to found, when suddenly the best corpses attacked us. Quickly we killed two of them, and as the sound of fight begun, we heard gigantic steps over the ceiling trying to tear it down. Kilo explored the stairs but he found another ghast before reaching the top. He rushed down the stairs and with Nuria’s help we killed also this ghast. Now the chaos from upstairs raised, so Kilo and Andariel decided to explore what was making the chaos and noises. They found a gigantic demon, whom they attracted downstairs.
We set a line at the stairs’ end and keep firing at it to make it came closer to the line. Then Kilo cast some grease and Ragnor make it has disadvantage as the demon missed and got it weapon stucked in the doorframe. Now we had it where we wanted and attacked it from all the sides. With the advantage and it rage against us we defeated it and fiendsplitted it.
We decided to explore some more, and on the west side we found the dwarven armory protected by the runes For Torag.
Here we found some very fine equipment, a full plate for Ragnor Ironbrew, an elven chain for Andariel, a fine adamantine breastplate, a longbow for Andariel Nailo, a mithril shield for Threkil, a slaying arrow for Kilo and a quiver with arrows to spare between the elf ranger and the gnome beggar.
We decided to take a long rest, protected by Torag in this armory.

Citadel Drezen
Bundühr Diaries

Men are armed shout who goes there
We have journeyed far from here
Armed with hammers make us swear
Candy and taffy, hope we both are well
Please come see me in the skycitadel
Flags are flying, golden pieces
Round the heights of concrete hills
You can see the pinnacles
Candy and taffy, hope we both are well
Please come see me in the skycitadel
In the streets are many walls
Hear the peasants come and crawl
You can hear their lovers call
Candy and taffy, hope we both are well
Please come see me in the skycitadel
Screaming people fly so fast
In their shiny metal carts
Through the woods of steel and glass
Candy and taffy, hope we both are well
Please come see me in the skycitadel

as written by dwarven bard Rollingstone Øiek Sdrakhir
in the annals of The Demonic Majesties Request

Finally we attacked the citadel breaking their defenses and unleashing our crusaders on the gathered armies inside. We take advantage of the chaos and reached the main entrance to the Citadel. We dealt with a pack of Gargoyles guardians of the citadel, then a demon put the alarm on and joined with a group of cultist tryng to stop us.
This way we introduce to a great chamber with rumbles and leading to 2 temples, one Torag’s and other Iomedae’s. From the Iomeadae side we heard some screaming and entered to fight a succubus that kept captive some crusaders torturing them wile charmed.
We then searched for the secret doors leading to the Sword of Valor vault. We found it with great help of Threkil. The Sword of Valor was guarded by two mimic that had taken the forms of full plate armors. We fought bravely with this monster and found the Banner and a magic battleaxe.
The hafling Nurah Dendiwhar appraised it and said it was fake. We were suspicious but it made sense that Staunton Vhane had let the fake in his original vault and put the real one in another secret place.
Then we explored the Torag’s temple, in it with great insult some great statues were converted in demonic monsters that attacked us. We search a good resting space and took a pair of short rest to restablish our forces and decipher the powers of the battleaxe. descarga.jpeg</a>

Bridge over Auroc waters
Bundhür diary

—After we bring Torag’s judgement to the Drezen’s Beast we headed to the bridge. We scout the Auroc to see if our first plan of attack them could be possible. But they scent us and we had to regroup. We face the fact that Torag wanted us to meet our enemies face to face. We approached the bridge. A group of tiefling was guarding it. Surely they will gave the Auroc the order to destroy the bridge. We thought we will build it again with Torag’s power.
Their leader was a tiefling sorcerer, after we bring Torag’s mercy to the ones on our side of the bridge he started raining fireball on us. Then we rushed through the bridge. They shoot us arrows but we didn’t stop and in the middle of the bridge he cast a firewall around us. They keep shooting arrows as we relentlessly approached them. Ragnor and Andariel engaged them in meelee. The leader saw us approaching them and sounded the alarm for the Auroc to destroy the bridge. Then he fireballed again on us and flew away. Threkill dispelled his fly spell and he falled down, but he was prepared and used his power to slow down the fall. Anyway this gave us time to finish the archers and reach the sorcerer as the bridge was falling down. We managed to reach the border except Kenny that died in the fall. Then the sorcerer flew away again. But Torag gave me access to his thoughts and I suggested him to stay and check if the auroc had made their work on the bridge. Again we retained him, and this time was enough for Andariel, Kilo and Ragnor to trow him to Torag’s forge.

The Beast of Drezen
Bundühr Diaries

We took the army to the graveyard and found a ghouls army ready to defend it. The crusaders attack under commander Ragnor was successful and we put the undead to their final rest.
In the middle of the place a mausuleum stud up with a persistent darkness upon it, feeling unhallow and deadly. Kilo managed to open the heavy door and in the main crypt we found a wraith with 6 shadows that were feeding upon our army.
We call the power of Torag to turn the undead, the shadows flew to the crypt corners and let alone the wraith. We fought the wraith to vanquish it and then we fought the shadows one by one to give them the final rest.
We took our time to cleanse the unhallow and when we finish decide to head to the bridge to deal with the primary access to the citadel.
When we were heading there we heard roars from the citadel and saw a big flying creature hunting us.
It was The Beast of Drezen a demonic chimera that reached us. Kilo disappeared the moment we saw it heading toward us, and Andariel was hiding behind a big tree. Me, Ragnor and Threkill stand in the middle of the road waiting and preparing for the chimera attack. It attacked us with her cold breath weapon still flying above us. Bundühr read his thoughts and tried to suggest the beast to calm, but the fiery monster resisted Torag’s will and attacked us again landing in melee with Ragnor. The beast fought with two heads attacking us again with its breath weapon and with the horns of the goat head. We managed to resist. Then Andariel and Kilo come out from their hiding shooting at it and slashing it engaging to melee. Bundühr called the powers of Torag Spirit Guardians and Ragnor imbued its attacks with Torag Smite, while Threkill cured Ragnor with healing prayers. Then the chimera attacked again with its breath weapon and head. Ragnor, Andariel and Bundühr engaged it in melee while Threkill cured himself and Kilo critical hit the monster in the balls with his silvered dart. The chimera had the chance to attack us again focusing its breath weapon on Bundühr and Threkill, then Andariel, Ragnor and Bundühr finish with it.
Andariel with Kilo’s help cut the three heads and we resume our mission.

Queen's hive
Bundühr Diaries

We were in the middle of nowhere in our quest to Drezen, and we were getting reports about some swarms attacking the ranks, making impossible to go further ahead.
We followed a track and arrive to the hive of those demoniac vermin.
Threkil call the power of his god to cast upon us a silence trick, and Andariel cast a magic to pass without a trace and we get into the hive looking for the queen. We knew that if we killed the queen the hive will collapse in chaos and the army should renew the march.
So silently we got down into the hive and arrived to a large cave, plenty of eggs and where two humanoid shaped swarms were waiting for us.
The sound of their flying wings confused us, then we cast Torag Fire and Torag Spiritual Warhammer to cleanse them. With the help of Ragnor’s inspiration we manage to resist the confusion and kill them, although Kilo was badly injured by a swarm and his armor was disabled, Threkil healed him as Andariel started to scout ahead.
The cave led to another large cave where the queen was waiting us with other of these humanoid shaped swarm. Kilo attacked the swarm with the alchemist’s hellfire and it caught on fire. Then we all concentrated on the Queen that was summoning more swarms on us. Threkil and I repeatedly attacked it with Torag Fire, Sacred Flame, and the attacks of Threkil Spiritual Hammer and Torag Spiritual Warhammer on the queen, cause our radiant and force damage hit it easily. Ragnor and Andariel hold the first line absorbing the queen attacks and retaliating with some difficulties from the confusion effects. Ragnor was attacked by a second swarm, that made serious damage to the armor. Then Threkil got attacked by the swarm that made him a lot of damage, making him dedicate some time in healing himself. But in 3 fast rounds we killed the queen and the 2 swarms.
Then we were just starting to take some breath and we saw a dimensional door or portal or stuff like this shimmering at the end of the cave. We evaluate the situation, and decided that we could ram down just this small cave, and stop whatever was trying to came out. With Ragnor we choose the weak spot and ram it down to the ground. Unfortunately Kenny was caught on the line of a falling debris in the middle of the cave and died.
Outside the arym was now ready to resume march, and we spent an hour to find a decent place to camp, and finally get some good food and rest.

The Lost Chapel
Bundühr Diaries

From Villareth Ford we keep our march to Drezen. We cross the river at the Ford and now we are advancing north along the western banks of it.
This side of the river everything seem strange, no vegetation, just some little marshes dying, even the sky is darker and alien.
We march another day and our scouts detect ahead that we might arrive at Keeper’s Canyon with the first light next day, but now the holding’s ruins are occupied by two armies of demons, one of tiefling in the outside and one of dretches that benefit from cover in the inside.

With the first lights of the day we approach the battlefield and attack the tiefling army. With our volley we surprise them and then we attack the dretches in melee. The battle was short but the crusaders fight with courage and we won, but many of our ranks were injured and disabled.

We were set to spent the day resting from the battle, but one of the crusader said that ahead we may find a crusader chapel, with hope to find a good place for rest we resume the march toward the crusader’s chapel.

The access to the chapel was really steep for the army, we thought it could be ambushed, so Ragnor let Irabeth Tirabade in charge of the army slow advance and we set forth to scout the chapel.

Kilo and Andariel approached the keep by one side hiding, and the rest of us from the other. Suddenly from the sky 4 gargoyles attacked us. We fought them, and let their dust pile in the frontyard of the chapel. Here we found some bones of crusaders that fell to this evil attacks.

We checked the doors and it seemed inside there was nothing, it was closed and barred so we hit the door with the portable ram. But the first hit wasn’t good enough, and we heard sounds from inside, so we hit it stronger destroying the double door.
On the other side a ghoul now filled with splinters appears, it was just beside the door ready to attack upon us.
Threkill fastly entered the chapel and called Sunenrae’s power to turn the undead.
Then Andariel attacked the splintered one killing it.
We engage in fight with 6 ghouls and their 2 ghast leaders, that concentrated their attacks on Andariel Nailo. They were boosted to resist our turning. As we entered the fight I started to listen dwarfs suffering screams calling upon us to save them.
During the fight one of the ghast reached a side door and called for help, just before we kill them all.

Then we were engaged by the Cambion called Nulkineth that focused its attacks on Threkill maintaining distance hovering over us, attacking with magic and trying to disable Threkill‘s Spirit Guardians.
When we were just starting to fight him back with our ranged attacks, it casted a fog upon us, and a Fiendish Large Orangutan (Barlgura) approached the side door. And there it that was stopped by Ragnor whom attacked it, intimidated it and ultimately slayed it.
Meanwhile the rest of us concentrated our ranged attacks toward the Cambion, Threkill tried to pursue it with levitation, putting in reach of the Spirit Guardians, but the Cambion hit him back, almost killing him, so we spent a few prayers healing him with Torag’s words. Finally Kilo’s sneak attack hit and Andariel with Terendelev’s scale powered bow hit, and with the aid of the Spiritual Weapons we killed it.

We search rapidly the place founding the Cambion’s treasure with some gems and magical items.
As we were hinted by Sosiel Vaenic we searched under the altar finding a potion resource for the army to cure them 3 times, and Torag’s Armor of the Pious.

As we spent time in the chapel cleaning and praying for Torag, we listen Torag in our heart shout Victory!

Marching on Drezen
Bundühr Diaries

March Day 3. Dawn.
This is Bundühr Ironaxe Ironbrew diary.
We march over Drezen with a crusaders army of Iomedae’s paladins.
Ragnor Ironbrew is the army general.
The army march is slowly, and time and resource consuming.
To help with resources Andariel Nailo, Threkil, Sosiel Vaenic and me pray Torag and the other gods for help, so we create food and water.
According to Ragnor Ironbrew‘s plan we will arrive in 4 to 6 days to Drezen.
I spent the last days really bored chatting with this sick siege engineer, Aron Kir is suffering withdrawal from drug abuse. What a waste of time. He’s Sosiel Vaenic‘s boyfriend.
I’m also friend with the halfling bard Nora or Nura. Kilo has tried to seduce her in the night with drugs or some other trick. So I took her under my surveillance. I offered her to deal with Kilo now, but she told me to mind my own business. She doesn’t know how perverted is our gnome, may Torag guide his twisted soul.
Yesterday we reach this raided town, I forgot its name, like a farmer market for Kenabres, empty, just vermins, corruption and destruction. We thought to search some resources, but it may took too long. We left fast, as fast as we arrived.
Then we reach the ford.
With the scouts help we had advantage over a small garrison on the other side of the canyon.
Anevia and Andariel Nailo identifed them as a 200 tieflings army. We prepare to engage and fight.
Ragnor Ironbrew ordered a normal tactic, and a first ranged attack , before enter the fight.
With our volley the paladins took the toll on them. We charge into their camp, to avoid their leader to escape.
We engage with them, the shadow demon has 12 tiefling bodyguards, they attack us fast and furious. I call for Torag spirit guardians to protect us, and cast Torag spiritual weapon to fight the demon. In two fast rounds we have the 12 Aasimar dead and the demon severly wounded. But the shadow demon escaped with teleport. May Torag find it and smite it for good.
We had just one lost, our proud Kenny drowned passing the ford, he was carrying several dozens of magic food crates.

Radiance Awakened

The last swing of the hammer echoed through the chamber, as the last of the Vrocks was dispatched. Without the blessings of the gods, they would hardly have killed a couple of the foul beasts, let alone killed all of them with nary a scratch. The Gray garrison was free, the threat to the Wardstones limited. The Heirs of Terendelev were Victorious.

All that happened that day flashed through the paladin’s mind again. The fight against the wormlike demons wearing the skins of the fallen was the first horror they vanquished. Radiance seemed to hum as he recalled crushing the foul beasts. The hammer vibrated again as he recalled destroying the ratlike demons in the museum. The three dretches they destroyed brought a rough hungry grin to Ragnor’s face as well. The cultists and tieflings they had left behind were impossible to count, the cloud of gore left int the wake of their relentless assault were a grim testament to the efficiency with which Andariel and Irabeth had dispatched them. The clerics had been incredible as well, and even the young gnome had proved invaluable in taking down the foul followers of Baphomet and Deskari.

The short rest they had taken before moving onto the second floor had been risky, but the assault on the upper landing had proven their might to themselves. The half- demon, the carrion crawler, the undead zombies, demonic flies and even more cultists had fallen to mighty hammer swings, slashing rapiers, piercing arrows, and the commanding presence of the the priests of Iomedae and Torag.

But the glory of battle was not over. The might swing of his hammer, aided by the holy power of Torag as it crushed the skull of the demonic minotaur echoed gloriously in Ragnor’s heart, and he almost felt a sympathetic pulse of joy from Radiance. Nothing felt better than destroying demonic filth.

Jeslyn’s trap had been powerful, and a might foe indeed she’s proven to be. He had feared for Andariel when she disappeared, but the cultist had to be destroyed. Without Bunduhr and Threkil, he feared they might have failed their mission, but their holy power was proof once more that nothing could stop them if they had enough faith and righteous wrath.

He recalled the visions they all shared as Andariel struck down the wardstone with the rod. The wash of angelic power that had suffused them was glorious.

A herald Of Iomedae in a ritual to create the Wardstones.

A young Lord Hulrun burning witches. Ragnor could feel Brunduhr’s cars tightening in anger.

His soul sang as he watched Terendelev almost kill the Storm King as he cracked the Kenabres Wardstone.

A rictus of wrath criscrossed Ragnor’s face as he observed the traitor Staunton Vhane, his existence a blight on all loyal dwarves, almost killing Irabeth before narrowly escaping.

The Demon Miangho in all her cruel beauty placing the wardstone in this chamber, and locking it in a forcecage.

The vision of the apocalypse the Heirs of Terendelev prevented from taking place. No longer would the witch Areelu Vorlesh corrupt the wardstones and devastate the crusader armies.

Areelu’s threats end with the summoning of 6 Vrocks.

The glory of the battle against the demon’s still thrilled Ragnor’s soul. But as the remaining powers of the Wardstone drained away he could feel that not all had left. Radiance was stronger than before and echoed his thirst for righteous Vengeance against demon-kind.

Andariel Adventure Log 7
Defenders Hearth and Storming the Keep

Last time I wrote we were wandering around the city looking for cultists hideouts, saving people, and leaving some of our companions in their homes. You know, being the good guys.

Our final destination was Defender’s Hearth inn, where La Resistance was gathering. Before reaching the it we met some looters in the final cultist hideout, which the cultists had already vacated. They were convinced to help instead of continuing looting. We checked the secret basement to find a trap which obviously was easily handled.

We took some more demons on our journey, but we finally reached Defender’s Hearth. Finally some rest! Irabeth Tirabade welcomed us, and thanked for helping her wive. We managed to sell all the stuff we acquired during this time, and we bought necessary supplies for further trouble.

We got a sitrep of the city. Basically most demons had come and gone, but still there was a lot of activity in the city. Furthermore there was a big problem incoming. Areelu Vorlesh was coming to town to perform some foul ritual on what was left of the Kenabres’ Wardstone. The intention was to reverse the polarity of the wardstones barrier in order to wipe the army the crusaders were gathering in the border. If the ritual took effect nothing would stand in the way of a full scale demon invasion.

Because we are some awesome, we were chosen as a strike team to go and top this ritual before it even begins. None of us backed out of the calling. In addition we got some help, a rod to destroy the wardstone, and Irabeth was joining us.

The mission was to infiltrate/storm a keep and destroy the remaining parts of the wardstone. The rest of the resistance would be running interference by providing distractions all around the city. Foolproof plan…

So after the preparations were done, we departed to the keep which was at the center of old Kenabres. We managed to dodge most demons and patrols, but not all. After some time we arrived at our destination. The keep in question was three stories high and before the invasion it was being used as a museum. Now we only had to wait for the specified time.

As of right now we are having a rest during our assault. We tried to be sneaky but we failed, what a surprise. At least we managed to get to the gate without getting shot at. We were greeted by two demons inhabiting the bodies of Lord Hulrun (the leader of Kenabres, former now), and Lord Ravencrest. We had to dispatch them, and tried to give the bodies some decorum. We will have to get them back for a proper funeral but time might be an issue, we do not know when Areelu will be arriving. We gained entry and obviously we had to fight some more. This time cultists that were no match. The whole place was desecrated and in ruins. An altar of Iomedae was in a deplorable state, and I proceeded to clean it and left in a presentable state. We then investigated the remaining of the first floor, so a couple of more demons, cultists, and tieflings had the luck of meeting us. The first floor is now cleared, we are resting and investigating a bit more in depth this floor. But there are still two more floors to go, and a wardstone to locate.


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