Allies of the Crusades

While some characters in this campaign may be new to Mendev and Kenabres, other characters could have been in Kenabres for a while and picked up news and gossip on the lips of the citizens. Most of the gossip is about how the effort against the Worldwound is going, and allies, heroes, stalwart defenders and people of note – some well known, others less so – pop up in conversation. These people have, one way or another, contributed to the war effort and, if they survived the Worldwound’s onslaught, may prove invaluable allies in the burgeoning Fifth Crusade!

Anevia Tirabade: Worldwound Border Scout

Aravashnial: Riftwarden of Kenabres

Horgus Gwerm: Foul-tempered Kenabres Noble

Irabeth Tirabade: Leader of the Eagle Watch

Queen Galfrey: Ruler of Mendev

Sosiel Vaeni: Priest of the Eternal Rose

Aron Kir: Crusader Tactician and Engineer

Allies of the Crusades

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