Enemies of The Crusades

While some characters in this campaign may be new to Mendev and Kenabres, other characters could have been in Kenabres for a while and picked up news and gossip on
the lips of the citizens. Most of the gossip is about how the effort against the Worldwound is going, and manywell-known villains pop up in conversation—mention of their names are usually punctuated with a short curse and spit upon the ground. When fighting a prolonged war against supernatural enemies, it’s good to know a thing or two about some of the power players in the struggle. Below are some of the known characters leading the fight
against the holy forces of Mendev.

Aponavicius: This marilith has ruled over Drezen since she and her armies took the city, and she frequently sends her armies of demons and cultists against the Mendevian armies.

Areelu Vorlesh: It’s believed that this witch was partially responsible for the opening of the Worldwound. Scouts and soldiers who have ventured deep within the Worldwound say that she still lives.

Deskari: The demon lord of chasms, infestations, and locusts was the prime Abyssal power responsible for the Worldwound opening after Aroden’s death.

Khorramzadeh: Also known as the Storm King, this powerful balor was responsible for attacking the wardstone in Kenabres.

Minagho: This lilitu demon is the ruler of the ruined city of Raliscrad and is responsible for training and corrupting captured crusaders.

Staunton Vhane: This dwarven man was recently revealed to be an antipaladin and traitor to the Mendevian crusades. He urged the command to use the Sword of Valor on offense, leaving Drezen defenseless.

Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth: This group of Baphomet cultists have long worked corruption into the ranks of the crusaders.

Enemies of The Crusades

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