This sturdy weapon acts as a fiend-bane (+2d6 damage versus fiends) +1 battle-axe and constantly emits a susurrus of faint, overlapping voices. In the presence of demons, the murmur of voices increases to a cacophony of angry cries. These voices are individually
unintelligible; the item communicates by empathy rather than speech because its intelligence is a collection of several dozen essences rather than a single powerful personality. The battle-axe has the destruction of demons as its special purpose and the dedicated power to detect demons within 60 feet, even when the demons are hidden or in disguise. Fiendsplitter is embossed with the symbol of Torag and can be used as a holy symbol by followers of that stern god. Once per long rest, Fiendsplitter can replicate itself via Spiritual Weapon. Additionally, to combat the foul poisons and life-sapping powers employed by many demons, Fiendsplitter can affect its wielder with Lesser Restoration two times per long rest.


Centuries ago, the Ulfen blacksmith Njali Janisdottir returned from a trading mission to the Joturmun Sky Citadel to find her village under attack by a horde of demons. Njali fought alongside her kinfolk as best she could, but the vicious demons overwhelmed and destroyed the town. Njali awoke under rubble what seemed like days later, assuming the demons had left her for dead. Swearing vengeance on their monstrous ilk, Njali returned to her forge to craft the finest axe she had ever made. Another villager, wounded but shaking with rage, stepped into Njali’s forge, touched the axe, and turned to leave without a word. Njali was glad to see another survivor, but did not stop working on her axe. Soon other furious villagers came into her forge to silently touch the axe and depart. Finally, the leader of the village—a wise priest of Torag—arrived to touch the axe. As he did, the symbol of Torag appeared on the blade. Njali realized then that the villagers were merely spirits, blessing the axe as she forged it and imparting their righteous anger into the weapon. As Njali finished the axe and held it aloft to evaluate her work, she could not see herself ref lected in the gleaming blade. Njali knew then that she, too, was only a spirit of vengeance, and the axe clattered to the f loor of the empty forge.

The battleaxe was discovered by a dwarven paladin some time later. He carried the weapon for decades and named it Fiendsplitter. Fiendsplitter has since passed through the hands of several paladins and warrior-priests over the years.

Fiendsplitter encourages its bearer to seek out areas suffering from demonic attack. If the bearer dawdles in taking the fight to demonkind, the battleaxe’s faint muttering grows into surly grumbles. If weeks pass without the bearer seeking out demonic activity, Fiendsplitter attempts to assert control or find a more suitable wielder.

The youthful inquisitor Vanekin Stell carried Fiendsplitter to Mendev early in the Third Crusade. Vanekin made successful incursions into the horrific depths of the Worldwound from Kenabres to try to cut off the source of the demons massing on the Mendevian border. However, as the demons shifted to a campaign of infiltration and subversion instead of outright battle, Vanekin made fewer journeys into the Worldwound. Instead, the inquisitor was caught up in the witch-hunts and paranoia rampant in Kenabres at the time, where he used Fiendsplitter’s ability to detect disguised demons to great advantage. But late one evening, the inquisitor simply disappeared from Kenabres and was never seen again.

In order to eliminate the threat of exposure posed by Vanekin and his battleaxe, the demons orchestrating the campaign of mistrust and animosity in Kenabres had dispatched a vrock named Vezzendezar to finally deal with the troublesome inquisitor that thwarted their subtle plans. Flying high above Kenabres and cloaked by a moonless night, Vezzendezar telekinetically lifted Vanekin from the street, murdered the inquisitor in midair, and carried the corpse back to his aerie to feed. Fiendsplitter, along with the rest of Vanekin’s equipment, was taken back to Citadel Drezen and entombed where it would be unable to hurt any more demons.


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