Hit List

Terendelev’s Heirs are trying to clear the Worldwound, one cultist at a time.

The Hit List

  • Faxon : Cultist Liutenant who was under order of Minago, and an important organizer of the tracherous assault of Kanabres
  • Deradnu : Fiendish Minotaur


  • Othirubo : Tiefling Alchemist
  • Staunton Vhane : (dwarven traitor who aided in the fall of Drezen)
  • Aponavicius : Marilith leader of Drezen
  • Areelu Vorlesh: The witch who helped open the World wound
  • Khorramzadeh: Balor lord who slew Terendelev and previously had cracked the Kenabres wardstone

Hit List

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