Loot Log

This log only lists the common gear that hasn’t been assigned to a particualr party member.

1x Magic Ranseur

demon Worm tassels
Vialx1 antitoxin
Vialx2 alchemist
cultist Cloak
Bejeweled book of prayers (cult)
2 symbols of baphomet
1 symbol of Deskari
Rusty Bloody knife gripped by dwarven remains
Journal of Hulgrak Steeljaw : cleric of torag from mammoth lords land 200 years ago, created shrine. Sacrificed humself to spite Torag.
Vial of cave viper venom recovered from the dead beast.
component pouch
broken phylactery
Cultist Papers re: movements and names
Note in human skin signed by Minago (the overlord of Raliskrad)

Treasure from Fort (unassigned)
[ ] stacks of scrolls
[ ] Intel regarding mendevian movements

Loot Log

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