Skyhold Clues

Amidst the various notes Staunton Vhane made in his journal, there was a section which amassed all of his knowledge concerning one of the long-lost dwarven Sky Citadels. All things considered, he wasn’t able to accrue too much information, due to the fact that Aponavicius preferred to keep a close eye on him while she led Drezen. Hence, he only made a couple of forays into the northwestern edge of the Worldwound.

When Drezen first fell, he ordered a newly coerced dwarven thrall to keep searching for clues of the citadel, using some of the information gathered by Torag’s disciples since the foundation of Drezen. His duties would prevent him from actively participating in the search, hence his agent would be in charge of informing him of any major developments.

After several decades of fruitless search and incurring many expenses, his agent finally informed him that he had narrowed down his search to the western half of the Wolfcrags, a set of largely uninhabited hills of the western Frostmire region. Staunton immediately raced to the region.

Like all of the other Sky Citadels, Staunton knew that the majority of the fortress is underground. He informed his agent, who was able to find its sole outbuilding on the surface, which was a single three-story tower that sat on the edge of a cliff several hundred feet in height. The tower and the mountainside it sat upon looked innocuous, except when the light of the sun combined with the Worldwound’s unusual weather, revealing ancient, eroded carvings of dwarven faces carved into the cliffside. Many hard to distinguish windows dotted the eastern face of the mountain as well, cleverly hidden in the rock’s natural formations.

As for who was inside the long-forgotten fortress, Staunton would leave a full examination for a future visit, as his duties in Drezen forced him to return there. He had to hold the city in Aponaviciu’s stead once the marilith executed the attack on Kenabres and the rest of the border defenses. He tasked his agent to find out about possible inhabitants inside the fortress. The one and only message that Staunton received after departing, mentioned that duergar cultists who paid homage to Shivaska dwelt in a section of the fortress, and the rest was heavily laden with traps and other creatures of the Deep Dark.

Skyhold Clues

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