Wrath of the Righteous


Bundühr diaries

Ragnor at the Council made it really clear to anyone. We are in Drezen to stay. He asked me the two of the most important matters. One young spouse ready to join him to rule the jarldom. And a name to this new land. I asked guidance to Torag and the answer was clear as diamonds: Terendelevia shall be ty name. And a marriage that can grant army to join us in the crusade was the other answer I have to him. Clean the worldwound and defeat Deskari and Baphomet in the name of our Creator was the sacred duty we accepted in the darkest hours, not wealth, nor fame, and we would rather fail than spend time and resources in other tasks.
Raiders attacked the last caravan and Ragnor asked us to join the search. The elf Andariel leaded us to this place, that called Eagle Rock, and as we approached it a buzzing sound overwhelmed us. Finally an Harvester Demon and four large buzzing insects welcomed us. While the demon summoned another one of its kind, to feed its hunger with our flesh, we shooted arrows and prepared for the inevitable fight. I prayed for Torag's blessings and we felt his power inside us. Then I focused on fighting
the two insects that flyed to attack me. I brought them Torag's retribution. The first one I slayed with the attacks of Fiendsplitter, the haunted and demon's thirst axe I retrieved from Drezen. Obviously their attacks were no match for my formidable resistance and the Armour of the Pious Torag gave us to defeat the demonkin. The other one was slain by the attacks of my conjured Torag's Spiritual Hammer. As I finished with them, the party had slayed the other demons. Unfortunately the elf was damaged by a sting attack and most of her energy was drained. During the fight the Sarenrae's half-elf cleric healed her but we need to rest to cure her definitively from the demon’s poison.


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