Wrath of the Righteous

The Winter Sun Tribe

Bundühr Diaries

We followed the tracks of the raiders and arrived to a small barbarian village.
The elf sneaked in and come back with the full description of the site, and their leader Marshevok of the Winter Sun tribe. I suggested to Ragnor to parlai with them some reasonable term of their rendition for clemency. My good friend took his decision and we entered the village. We arrived to the central square, there behind tall rubble walls stood the leader house. The elf kept some distance and sneaked into the yard without warn the guards. When we reached the entrance the guards shouted a warning call, and after a few moments standing there, we were approached by a barbarian who challenged our presence and asked us to leave. Ragnor spoke to him while the elf kept hiding from the guards. My good lord proposed them to surrender and kept shelter in Drezen, raising his voice so all the village could heard him. The barbarian seemed very aware of our intentions to rescue the good people, and when Ragnor proposed to offer the leader a deal to stop raiding the caravans he took us to talk to Marshevok, warning us of his white dragon pet.


The barbarian leaded us inside the house, left us a few moments to introduce us, and finally leaded us to the throne room where Marshevok was waiting us with his pet, the young frost dragon.
Ragnor offered the deal, and Marshevok reading the real intentions behind it or just supposing he could beat us easily, attacked us.


I was full prepared for this moment, when we were waiting for the barbarian to took us inside I asked Threkill to shield Rangor with Sarenrae’s powers, and I gave my friend resistance to the cold breath of the dragon. So when he challenged us and exposed himself like a raging large demon, I prayed Torag to impose him with a filthy fever to show him our power and make him surrender.


Unfortunately he decided to attack us anyway charging Ragnor with his horns, while the paladin prayed Torag to haste himself and the dragon breath a cone of cold on us, as the elf and half-elf joined the attack on the barbarian, the ranger springing in and out with her rapiers, and Threkill casting upon them Sarenrae’s Flame Strike.


We resisted the first wave, then I attacked him with Fiendsplitter and Torag’s spiritual hammer, I thought he would stop facing Torag’s power. But Marvavok blinded by his demonic rage attacked us again. Ragnor showed no mercy for him, swirling on himself to gain power he smashed a deathly Torag Smite to his skull, so hard it leaved nothing more than rotten brain and bone powder, where once stood his ugly face.


Finally we dealt with the dragon threat, and when it died, Ragnor showed the head of the barbarian leader to the crowd.

We took the tribe back to Drezen discovering they were forced to cannibalize to survive in the worldwound. Fondly worried about the disturbing powers of this land I prayed for Torag guidance and rested in the city.


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