Wrath of the Righteous

To the victor go the spoils??

The Sword of Valor was ours. To restore its true power though we had to display the banner high up, for everyone to see. On our way back to our encampment, we visited the final rooms in the upper citadel we had neglected to investigate somehow. We found Chorussinas study, empty of any valuables. Finally we went up the north tower, here in the top is where the Sword of Valor was displayed long time ago. But this tower held more secrets, apparently it had been the Beast of Drezen’s lair…. so it was full of treasure. Lots of gold and a couple of magic items.

It was time now to show our victory to our companions and army. All the hard work and sacrifices had been not in vain. We arrived at our camp, with me in front displayed the Sword of Valor. Cheers and shouts greeted us, it was time for some revels. The Sword was displayed at the center of the camp.

We had some final things to take care, mainly manage provisions which were quickly dwindling and to inform Queen Galfrey of our success and request some provisions and backup. A short message was designed to send by magic via Soziel. Next day we had our response, provisions were to arrive in a couple of days and some administrative steps had to be taken. She appointed Ragnor as ruler of the city, and Soziel, Aron, Irabeth and Anevia were given some preliminary jobs/titles as heads, such as spymaster or general of Drezen. Others like Arkazar, Threkil or me were not given specific jobs, seriously?!

By law Queen Galfrey took Drezen as part of her kingdom, but we were given to understand that in reality we were on our own (apart from supplies to start) and we had to manage Drezen (maybe as we see fit). The task entrusted to us was to repair and hold Drezen, while scout and protect the surrounding regions.

We began the reconstructing efforts. Bunduhr with the help of Jorah transformed the Forge of Evil, into a power of good. The evil aura in the citadel began to dissipate and the forge now could be used to redeem evil magic items into powers of good. Anevia and I began to scout the surrounding regions. Threkil helped in the reconstruction efforts, like fortifying the bridges. Ragnor micro managed the first problems we encountered, like the lack of fresh water. For example, he released the river!


The clerics were busy using their spells to create food, while we scouts tried to forage as much food as we could. After a couple of days, when our supplies had finally been exhausted, the reinforcements arrived with much needed help. We now longer had to worry about starving.


LeslieWatt MatiasL

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