Wrath of the Righteous

Civilization, Drezen Special Edition

Andariel's Log

Drezen is liberated but it is only the beginning. We have to reconstruct this old bastion of the crusades. In addition we need to take and consolidate our grip on the region, Drezen is only the first step.

Queen Galfrey had appointed Ragnor as the ruler of Drezen. So Ragnor with his new title of Jarl proceeded to lead us on. He entered our war council and with inspiring words uplifted us for the task at hand. He decided that the key roles of the new Jarldom should be people in which he could trust, so within our ranks he named them:
Ruler:Ragnor Ironbrew
Councilor: Bunduhr Ironaxe
General: Irabeth Tirablade
Grand Diplomat: Arkazar
High Priest: Threkil
Magister: Tirdal
Marshal: Aron Kir
Royal Enforcer: Andariel Nailo
Spymaster: Anevia Tirablade
Treasurer: Horgus Gwerm
Warden: Jestak

With the official roles assigned, our work began. One week has passed.

We proceeded to expand our region of influence. My scouts began the exploration, they mapped the land, found suitable farming zones, discovered points of interest, and demon dwellings or scour routes. When the time came to clear the demon influence we led a small elite team to strike them down. For instance this time Ragnor, Threkil, Arkazar and me went to investigate a ravine with suspected demon activity. We encountered two flying demons that somehow transformed our own shadow into our enemies. Still they were no match for us.

In the city the rebuilding efforts went slowly. We have to spend a big part of our time and resources in keeping our army in top shape. It is and will continue to be a problem as it dampens our ability to effectively rebuild Drezen. Many of us had put money from our pocket to help rebuild. Some had donated directly to the treasury, others have invested directly in the establishment of businesses.

Our first steps have been to boost the economy and the production of food. Back in Keepers Canyon’s region we have built the first farms and fisheries for the Jarldom. In Drezen we have began constructing local businesses, with some priority to inns and taverns to provide housing and the first places to spend money. I for instance have invested in the first inn of the city (prime location!).

Queen Galfrey had sent another delegation with new goods to help us. Without this relief, we would be unable to maintain the army and rebuild.

Tough choices are ahead of us if we want Drezen to thrive. I heard for instance that Ragnor is willing to have his marriage arranged in order to provide us with new allies and resources in exchange for his hand, which now entails the rulership of Drezen. Is it time to disband the Lost Legion army? Should we hope that Queen Galfrey’s resources maintain us while we keep a strong military force in top shape? Or perhaps there are some riches in the surrounding regions that will help us boost Drezen into a thriving city as it once was?

I attach the current map we possess of the region.

(Link to Spreadsheet of Drezen Jarldom)



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